Meal Planning Saved My Marriage (Letting Go Of Excuses)

You really should consider meal planning. It's really a great tool! Join me later this month for a workshop!

So we all know that I broke my leg playing roller derby, right? Right. Of course I broke it on a Thursday, which mean that there wasn’t a lot of food in the house, since I generally have just enough to make it to Sunday. We eat fresh foods. Suddenly, I wasn’t able to cook dinner.…

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Weekly Workouts: Week 7

Time to share my how I have been working out for the past week!

Last week was hard. The reality of my limitations hit me, and it’s seriously, seriously frustrating. I can’t clean, I can’t pack…I really can’t do much. I can’t even get The Baby into bed without Smalls’ help. It’s seriously driving me nuts, y’all! I mean, I can do a lot…with help. And packing? I didn’t…

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