Rock Climbing {& the Importance of Alternative Fitness}

Thinking of trying rock climbing? Check out this awesome alternative way to fitness!

I am so excited to welcome Jessi from Haynes, Her Way! She’s FEARLESS! Hey ya’ll! My name is Jessi, and I’m super excited to be guest-posting for Brea today, and chatting about an issue I think is super important for anyone trying to get (or stay) in shape! I have a kick-ass job. For those…

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3 Tips to Stay Fit While Maintaining Your Crazy Life

So you want to get fit? It's possible...even if you have NO time. Everyone has 15 minutes. EVERYONE. Find out how you can squeeze a quality workout in every day!

I’m so excited to introduce you to Alli from Girl Next Score! Hello, Brea Getting Fit readers! My name is Alli and I run the blog Girl Next Score, a lifestyle blog that I share everything from fashion to working out on. As someone who does yoga, Pilates and TRX every day, I love to…

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21 Must-Know Disney World Secrets

Going to Disney World? Then you need to know these secrets before you go!

I am SO excited to introduce Leah-she is going to share her Disney World secrets with us! (She’s a Disney genius, y’all.) My name is Leah. I blog for The Calico Cat, where I talk about beauty, college life, food and the occasional fashion pick or DIY project. However, today I am switching gears completely.…

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Setting Goals For Your Fitness Journey

What are your fitness goals?

I am super excited to introduce Renee from Getting Fit Fab! Hi Brea Getting Fit readers! My name is Renee and I blog over at Getting Fit Fab, a Lifestyle blog. I blog about everything: from my fitness journey to wedding planning, sporting events with my fiancée to delicious recipes, and everything in between. Since…

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What’s Really in Your Air Freshener?

air freshener

Mind you, I had just bought a ton of new bulbs from a certain Body Shop that I had been buying for years. I had no idea that air fresheners simply cover up odors and are full of toxic substances that aren’t good for our bodies OR our homes. Apparently, many air fresheners contain phthalates-…

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6 Essential Tips For Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Looking to start a healthy lifestyle? Use these simple tips to get started!

I am so excited to welcome Whitney from The Splendid Life with Whitney! Living A Healthy Lifestyle. It seems as though everyone has their own idea of what it means to be healthy. Over the years there have been numerous conflicting reports and studies regarding health: Fad diets. Low carb this. No fat that. It all…

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