How Much Is Too Much Protein?

The million dollar question on everyone's mind: How much is too much protein? Is that even a thing? Apparently, it is and it's critical to your health! #breagettingfit #toomuchprotein #health #healthyliving #metabolism #proteinshakes #burnenergy #calories

Having been vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, and an omnivore…I have been all over the protein debate. Yes, you need it. Yes, you can totally get enough protein from plants. But lately, I’ve been running into what seems to be the million dollar question: how much protein is too much? How Much Is Too Much Protein? I…

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High Protein Banana Milkshake Recipe

Please tell me that my kids are not the only ones that are completely obsessed with milkshakes. When I say obsessed…I mean OBSESSED. I feel like milkshakes are a thing in our house. So I came up with this high protein banana milkshake recipe (get it here). High Protein Banana Milkshake Recipe What do you want…

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Protein-Packed Black Bean Dip

Protein Packed Black Bean Dip

My kids hate vegetables. How about yours? I’ve been working hard to hide veggies in, well, everything so that they can have a semblance of a balanced diet. Y’all. Being a mom is hard work! Add to that trying to diet, lose weight, get healthy, and it’s enough to make even the calmest person scream.…

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