Ways To Naturally Correct A Hormone Imbalance

6 Ways To Naturally Correct A Hormone Imbalance

I have been cleansing this week because my hormones went a bit out of whack over the past month, so I started doing some research. Not surprisingly, hormone imbalance often begins (and ends) in the gut. See, your gut and your hormones control your health, and if they aren’t in balance, no matter what you…

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Things I Learned With My Feet In Stirrups at the Gynecologist

Want to know what I learned from my gynecologist exam?

I’m going to talk about my annual exam Gynecologist appointment. If you are easily offended, read this instead. Much love. 4 Things I Learned With My Feet In Stirrups at the Gynecologist So. Yesterday, I had to go to the lady doctor (why else would my feet be in stirrups?!). You know the one. These…

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Perfectly Baked Bacon For One

Tired of getting bacon grease all over you kitchen in the morning? Try using your oven to make baked bacon!

I have to admit…since I started eating meat again, one of my favorites is bacon. There’s something about it’s crispy goodness that just makes my tummy happy. But I hate, and I do mean HATE, the mess that it makes. Even with a splatter guard, grease seems to get absolutely everywhere. Maybe I’m just unlucky.…

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How I Helped My Hypothyroid Symptoms With A Paleo Diet


*deep breath* This post has been a long time coming. While I started this blog as a journey to chronicle my health and hypothyroid symptoms, I’ve found that changing my fuel (read: food) helped to increase my athletic abilities. I started by transitioning to pescatarian, then vegetarian, and finally vegan. How I Helped My Hypothyroid…

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