Make Your Own Playdough Recipe | Building Brain Power (& Biceps)

make your own play dough

So. Today Smalls really wanted to play Playdough. Fine…except for one small problem: our homemade dough had completely dried out. Thankfully, I have an amazing salt dough recipe that is quick, easy, and will only cause minor burns on your hands while you knead it. A bonus? We got to do some kitchen fun, learn…

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6 Easy Ways to Set Boundaries With Kids

6 Easy Ways to Set Effective Boundaries For Your Kids

Discipline is a subject that most moms talk about in hushed tones..but why? Growing up, it was not uncommon for my parents to discipline me in public with a swat on the booty, or even to drag me out of the toy aisle kicking and screaming (yeah…I wasn’t the picture-perfect child. Which is why it’s…

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