What Is Real Food?

What is REAL FOOD-

When was the last time you ate real food? Did you use heavy cream in your coffee this morning (or maybe you made butter coffee using my recipe)? Or did you use a “creamer”? I’ve noticed that many people don’t really think about what they put into their bodies-or they are so hungry that it…

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Copycat Lemon Larabar Recipe

super easy copycat lemon larabar recipe

Smalls will be 3 (I know, right?!) this summer, and I also am self-employed, on top of being a Work From Home Mom. SO. There’s that. BUT, I made the most amazing copycat lemon Larabar recipe this morning for our snack, and I just had to share it with you. Jump to the recipe. Copycat Lemon Larabar…

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