Family Time At LEGO Kidsfest

If you have the chance, you should definitely check out LEGO Kidsfest!

  When we went to LEGO Kidsfest in Austin Last year, we had an absolute blast, and this year was no exception! The boys both had so much fun, and there were a ton of exhibits that were not only new to us, but new to LEGO Kidsfest! There was a whole section of Star…

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Why You Shouldn’t Go to LEGO KidsFest Houston

LEGO KidsFest Houston

Remember last year when I took the family to Austin for the LEGO KidsFest? It was a blast, and I am so excited because next month, LEGO KidsFest 2016 is coming to Houston! Y’all! That’s my neck of the woods! We had so much fun last year, and are super excited to go again this year.…

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Win Tickets To LEGO KidsFest Austin!

Looking for something fun to do before school starts? Enter to win 2 free tickets to LEGO KidsFest Austin for the opening night from BreaGettingFit!

Smalls absolutely loves LEGO®. Maybe more than he loves me. And that’s saying a lot. The kid always picks LEGO brick sets as prizes when he visits Texas Children’s Hematology Clinic after his poke and Pentamidine. I’m pretty sure that we have enough LEGO bricks to build a replica of NYC…. At least he comes by…

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