My 2 Minute Scrambled Egg Hack

2 minute scrambled egg hack

Do you ever feel like a big “fancy” breakfast, but you just don’t have time (or you don’t want to deal with the deluge of pots and pans)? I am all about planning ahead, and I love bacon & egg cups…but sometimes, you just want some scrambled eggs. Maybe I miss being a kid? Anyways,…

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The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

ultimate bundle

Do you sometimes feel like you’re a zookeeper? Maybe you feel this way all.the.time? I get it. I’m sure you’ve heard “not my circus, not my monkeys”…except this is your circus. And if you’re like me, you’re the “ring mommy”. And what a job it is! I didn’t have illusions of glamor, but all the laundry, diapers, stretch…

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Perfectly Baked Bacon For One

Tired of getting bacon grease all over you kitchen in the morning? Try using your oven to make baked bacon!

I have to admit…since I started eating meat again, one of my favorites is bacon. There’s something about it’s crispy goodness that just makes my tummy happy. But I hate, and I do mean HATE, the mess that it makes. Even with a splatter guard, grease seems to get absolutely everywhere. Maybe I’m just unlucky.…

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