Smalls’ Make A Wish Trip

Planning to visit Disney soon? Or maybe you just found out that you're getting your Wish! Find out what we did on our make a wish trip!

When Smalls made his Wish over a year ago, it felt very surreal. I couldn’t fathom taking my immune-compromised child nor my 6 month old to the grocery store, let alone spending a week at Disney. People who go to Disney dose their kids with Tylenol and Benadryl and let them loose. We would never survive!…

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21 Must-Know Disney World Secrets

Going to Disney World? Then you need to know these secrets before you go!

I am SO excited to introduce Leah-she is going to share her Disney World secrets with us! (She’s a Disney genius, y’all.) My name is Leah. I blog for The Calico Cat, where I talk about beauty, college life, food and the occasional fashion pick or DIY project. However, today I am switching gears completely.…

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