Endurance Events For Charity Are Worthwhile

Endurance Events For Charity Are Worthwhile!

Every year, millions of Americans slip on their good pair of running shoes, grab a water bottle and head out to participate in an athletic fundraising event. From walking to running to cycling, endurance events have become a primary source of funding for many high-profile charities in the United States, and for foundations around the…

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Amazing Running Gear You Never Knew You Needed Until Now

Need some new running gear? Check out these awesome ideas!

Being health-conscious has become the new norm, and from small towns to big cities, running has become the go-to for fast and cheap exercise. With the growth in this kind of exercise, a flourish of gadgets and accessories for the avid runner have become essential. From your head to your feet, there are gadgets available…

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Running Wrong: 5 Habits All Runners Need To Break

Are you running wrong?

Running is a great way to improve your fitness and overall health. It’s probably the best cardio exercise to help you burn calories, and it’s fun and cheap to do. However, many people have habits that are preventing them from getting the most out of their runs. Bad habits can also lead to injuries over…

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Running To The Pole: How I Overcame My Struggle With Fitness

Have you ever thought about changing up your fitness routine? Find out how this mama lost 60 pounds!

I’m so excited to welcome Aaronica from The Crunchy Mommy! Some days, this is exactly what my exercise regime has consisted of. After I had my oldest daughter, like most women, I wanted to lose weight. Instead of having a weight goal, I decided I wanted to become a runner. I grew up as a competitive…

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