7 Days of My Whole30: Week 2

whole30 week 2

I’m still a little shell shocked that I FINISHED my second week. I’m halfway to 30 days, y’all! That’s huge! And the food just keeps getting better and better. I haven’t been this excited about food in a long time…and at the same time, I don’t feel like I need to eat. It’s an odd place…

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7 Days of My Whole30: Week 1

whole30 week 1

I survived my first 7 days of the Whole30! I feel like I should get a prize…but my usual celebration is a cookie, which is most definitely out. So…I grabbed a new pair of yoga pants. A mom can never have too many yoga pants, right? Whole30 Day 1 Breakfast: Bacon and egg cupcakes with…

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