You Don’t Need Makeup – But You Do Need a Skin Detox

You Don't Need Makeup - But You Do Need a Skin Detox

I was reading through a skincare guide, and one of the shortest but by far the most powerful sentences in the guide hit me. Want to know what it was? You’re beautiful and you don’t need makeup. Y’all. That hit me in the feels. I’ve been feeling less than pretty lately, since I’ve been doing a…

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Switch to Safe Skincare (Without Going Broke)

How to Switch to Safe Skincare Without Breaking the Bank

I got a few “God winks” about safe skincare this past week. First, I got the following email: Brea, how do I prioritize the switch to safer products? What do I start with?” And then, my mom and I were discussing the effect of using products known to cause endocrine disruption, irritation, and adverse reactions. As we…

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Why You Should Care About What’s In Your Skin Care Products

Do you know what's in your skin care products?

So. You know when you’ve been making your own face wash for months and then run out, grab something organic from the grocery store because you’re lazy and then break out? What’s In Your Skin Care Products? That’s because even organic skincare products can cause problems. In fact, there is no regulating body for the “organic” and “natural”…

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