Mommy’s Little Foodie: Week 12 + No More Avocados

mommy's little foodie week 12

I can’t believe that it’s been 12 whole weeks! I know I probably say that more than I should because it’s only natural that Smalls will keep getting older…but WOW. Little man is moving toward wanting to feed himself, too.   He’s getting REALLY good at trying to eat the remote. Doesn’t that sound absolutely…

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Mommy’s Little Foodie: Week 11 + Apple Banana Prune Puree

mommy's little foodie week 11: prunes

I am sad to report that Smalls does NOT like watermelon. At all. Even with avocado (as a side dish). He makes gagging noises (without food in his mounth) and covers his mouth with his hands. I thought that he would LOVE watermelon-it’s sweet, refreshing…but, alas, he does not.He also doesn’t do well with prune…

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Mommy’s Little Foodie: Week 10 + The Mesh Feeder Incident

mommy's little foodie week 10: the mesh feeder incident

First of all, I want to say THANK YOU to all of my followers, wherever you are. I really, truly appreciate all of your support. And now…back to Smalls’ food adventures. This week didn’t necessarily go as planned, but it was good nonetheless. We did introduce watermelon with a mesh feeder to not-so-great reviews. I…

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