What is Freeze Dried Food?

freeze dried food

The first time I looked into freeze dried food was on a visit to Space Center Houston with Smalls. They had “astronaut food” and he thought the ice cream was the coolest thing ever. I was more than a little concerned about the sticker price-that ice cream was nearly $7.00 for a little tiny block!…

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How to Use Thrive DFT By Le-Vel

how to use thrive by level

I started using the Le-Vel lifestyle products almost a month ago when I received a sample from a good friend. She knows how much I love natural products, and that I struggle to lose weight…plus being a mom and just sheer exhaustion. I thought I’d share with everyone how to use Thrive DFT By Le-Vel…

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Working Out: Week 21

Monday, Monday! Smalls is back in school this week, but The Baby is sick. We’ll see how this goes. Tonight I have Derby, and I am equal parts excited and scared. I guess that’s a good thing, especially since I’ve been working out-though I have not been working on endurance as much as I probably…

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What The Heck Is The Deal With The Thrive Patch?

What is the Thrive patch?

This is going to be a bit long, but hear me out. A couple weeks ago, I received a 5-day Thrive Patch trial kit. What The Heck Is The Deal With The Thrive Patch? But, I don’t do anything without doing some research. SO. Before I slapped on the patches, I wanted to know exactly what…

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Working Out: Week 20

It’s Monday again! This past week was incredible. I was on plan, on fire, and really, really motivated. I┬áhave my first roller derby practice tonight since I broke my leg in October. I’m nervous, but mostly excited and so ready to get back on my skates! I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot about skating…

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