The Ultimate List of Chores Your Kids Can Help With

ultimate list of chores for kids

Hi. So. Today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite things…a clean house. The one HUGE thing that all moms wish for (what? you don’t have daydreams about sparkling walls and countertops?). Okay, okay… Yes. I know I have issues. No, I don’t want help, but thank you. I like keeping a clean…

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Top 10 Thanksgiving Children’s Books

Do you need some ideas for Thanksgiving-themed books? Here are some that we love!

Can you believe that it’s NOVEMBER? That still just shocks me. I know it’s been a week, but goodness this year is flying! Maybe that’s just being a parent? In our house, November means a lot of pumpkins are baking, and we’re gearing up for Thanksgiving. And holidays mean books. We love books, and I’ve…

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6 Frugal and Fun Indoor Activities For Kids

Kiwi Crate

I spent over 5 years living in a state where the weather rarely changes. Now that we’re in the midwest, I’m learning to love the change of season, and Fall is definitely upon us! With the temperatures vacillating between 50 and 80 degrees (and wreaking havoc on my sinuses in the process!), there are still…

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