Gluten Free, Paleo Dutch Baby Recipe {THM S}

Gluten Free, Paleo Dutch Baby Recipe

I have such fond memories of my mom making me Dutch Babies on Easter morning, so this year, I decided to try my hand at making an (edible) paleo Dutch Baby. Skip to the recipe. Gluten Free, Paleo Dutch Baby Recipe {THM S} You read that right-one that all of my boys would happily eat.…

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Working Out: Week 28

Derby TWICE this week! I should feel like a beast, and instead I just feel like I’m a huge scaredy cat. I know that I need to work on my footwork…but that’s how I got hurt. So. My goal is to do more this coming week at derby. I need to get comfortable in my…

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Working Out: Week 27 {Back On Skates!}

Remember when I said that Ish dared me get up at 6:00 a.m. last week? Or rather, that he thought it was a good Idea and my super competitiveness got the better of me? So. I made it to Wednesday, and then my body committed mutiny. Y’all. I could not get myself out of bed. Not…

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Working Out: Week 21

Monday, Monday! Smalls is back in school this week, but The Baby is sick. We’ll see how this goes. Tonight I have Derby, and I am equal parts excited and scared. I guess that’s a good thing, especially since I’ve been working out-though I have not been working on endurance as much as I probably…

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Killer Shrimp Salad Recipe {Trim Healthy Mama S}

Try this killer shrimp salad recipe! Fast & easy to prepare and totally delicious!

I love shrimp. I’m always looking for new ways to prepare it. I mean, I have favorites obviously. Pesto shrimp is amazing. Then again, so is shrimp alfredo. And ceviche. And smoked shrimp, and boiled shrimp. If you’re hungry now skip to the killer shrimp salad recipe.  Killer Shrimp Salad Recipe {Trim Healthy Mama S} See what…

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Working Out: Week 19

Happy, happy Monday! I had a blast this past week trying out new workouts so that I can review them for you. You’re welcome. My butt and hips are screaming at me. But I love you, so I’ll deal with it. I’m currently reviewing Tracy Anderson, T-Tapp, and a new one by Exhale Spa. I’m…

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Pizza Eggs Aren’t Just For Breakfast – THM S Recipe

Pizza Eggs Aren't Just For Breakfast - THM S Recipe!

I feel like I’ve been living in an alternate dimension. I mean, I’ve heard of pizza eggs, but until last weekend, I’d never really experienced them. Y’all. I was missing out, which means that you are also missing out. Skip to the THM S Pizza Eggs recipe here. Pizza Eggs Aren’t Just For Breakfast –…

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The Best Snack Foods To Keep You Energized

The best healthy snacks for you and your family!

When looking to get fit, most people have one of two problems: You can’t find the self-discipline to keep up with your workouts, or You have issues avoiding unhealthy food. I’ve already covered healthier meals, but in between those you might be struggling with the temptation of chips and candy bars! Although there’s kind of a big…

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Is Stevia Bad For You? (Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared)

Is Stevia Bad For You? I did some research!

I’m going to answer a question today that I found myself asking, well, myself: Is stevia bad for you? Raise your hand if you lump stevia right in there with all of the “other” baddies: Sweet-N-Low, Equal, Splenda…. I know I used to. I honestly wondered why people would use stevia. In fact, the first…

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Working Out: Week 16

Happy Monday, y’all! It was a crazy week between the holiday celebrations and trying to get everything set for Smalls to start public school (long story), but I managed to wrangle my eating and get back on track with workouts. Go me! But seriously, I finally finished reading Trim Healthy Mama cover to cover, and…

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