5 Ways To Vary Your Fitness Routine

Fitness Routine Shake Up

When it comes to fitness, we all want fast results. But you also know you’re not going to get what you want by taking shortcuts. A good fitness routine requires a proper balance of resistance training, cardiovascular exercise, and good diet habits. You must also ensure you get enough sleep so muscles recover faster from…

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3 Simple Steps To Improve Your Health

Improve your health

It’s June already. How did that happen?! Well, I mean, I know how it happened…but it feels like these past few months have just flown by in a whirl, don’t you think? Looking back, I haven’t been as laser focused on my health as I’d like to be. Yes, last month I joined a 6 week…

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28 Creative Workout Ideas For Busy People

28 Creative Workout Ideas

When you realize that you are going to be time-poor for the next few weeks, you have to get creative, not just with meal planning, but workouts as well. While I’m going to make a commitment to get to at least 3 6:30 a.m. Crossfit workouts as possible, the first few weeks will likely find…

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