4 Stretches For Back Pain {& A Healthy Spine}

Use these 4 simple stretches for back pain & spinal health.

Spinal flexibility can decline as you age, which also usually causes back pain. As you get older, the joints in your spine typically become less flexible than they once were. In addition, decreased spinal flexibility can occur following an injury from sports (like my big debut), an automobile accident, or other injury. These simple stretches for back…

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Working Out: Week 14

Howdy! The last few weeks have been a whirlwind! I have actually been working out on a regular basis, and I have to say, I feel so much better! While the workouts aren’t extremely trying, they are challenging. Okay. Time for my weekly workouts! Monday Workout: Namaste Yoga Breakfast: Shake Lunch: Shake Dinner: Italian marinated chicken thighs with…

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Working Out: Week 13

Time to share my how I have been working out for the past week!

It’s Monday, y’all! I got some great news from my Orthopedic doctor last week-he said that my leg is healing very quickly, and I’ll be back on skates at the end of next month as long as I keep gently working out. I’m cleared to do yoga, barre, walking, and other gentle exercises that help to…

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