Tara Stiles: This Is Yoga Review

It has come to my attention that this workout is no longer available. I suggest you try THIS instead...or maybe check e-bay.

Tara-Stiles-this is yoga workout reviewI’ve been looking for more gentle workouts lately, but I’ve never been a huge fan of yoga workouts…until I found Tara Stiles.

Have you heard of her?

She’s an amazing yogi, fun, young, and incredibly encouraging. She also has an awesome deal with Reebok and she’s designed some awesome yoga gear.

I found her DVD series, This Is Yoga and fell in love. Did I mention that I love it? Her style of yoga is easy to follow, and for someone like me (read: VERY muscle-bound), it’s easy to modify with her tips.

The DVD set is comprised of 4 DVDS:

  • Daily Yoga for Everyone
  • Beginners Yoga for Everyone
  • AM/PM Yoga for Everyone
  • The Complete Yoga Library.

Daily Yoga

Have you been wanting to try yoga? This is a great place to start!This DVD contains 2 different yoga flows, one is 30-minutes (my absolute FAVORITE!) and one is 60-minutes.  The 60-minute flow is focused on core strength, while the 30-minute flow is focused on relaxation and is perfect after a long day of chasing Smalls.

Beginners Yoga

This DVD has 3 yoga flows, one 15-minutes, one 30-minutes, and one 50-minutes. I really enjoy the beginners flow (30-minutes), as well as the night time flow (50-minutes) as they move incredibly fluidly, but gently. That’s one thing that Tara does better than any other yoga DVD I’ve tried.

She’s very soothing and gentle, and she recognizes that not everyone is as flexible as she is. I also love that Smalls will do the relaxed flow (15-minutes) with me.

It’s absolutely adorable to hear him tell me that he needs to “yoga his feelings” with me.

AM/PM Yoga

This DVD has 4 flows, 3 shorter (5 to 15 minutes) and one hour-long energizing flow, which I love.

I always end up drenched by the end of the energizing flow, but I call that a win. Yoga is a gentle WORKOUT, and this flow definitely leaves me sore, but in a good, stretched way. Much like how I feel when I finish a good barre workout.

The Complete Yoga Library

The fourth DVD is one that I haven’t done very often, probably because I love the other flows so much, but it’s a great resource!

There’s a 60-minue pose library, which always leaves me writing down my goals, and feeling slightly less than flexible. Not Tara’s fault, but she’s gumby!

I do enjoy the bonus strength flow (20-minutes) that focuses on flexibility and strength.

All of the videos are shot on great locations and have very detailed, guided instructions.


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