The Bar Method Tuck Changed My Body

I cannot emphasize enough how amazing the barre workouts are. I am watching my body change every day. My seat is more lifted, my arms are getting slimmer, my hips are slowly disappearing….

The Bar Method Tuck Changed My Body

I honestly credit this last change with my hips to the Bar Method Tuck. It’s a position that most of the barre workouts, including Squeeze, Exhale, Cardio Barre, Fluidity, Physique57, and Pure Barre use.

The Bar Method Tuck Changed My Body

I was planning a run this morning, but a day of laying by the pool put that idea seriously out of my head. With a painfully sunburned chest, shoulders and back, I couldn’t bear the thought of putting on a compression sports bra, let alone having my shirt seams rub my poor shoulders.

So, rather than running and THEN doing a barre workout, I just went straight to my second workout: The Bar Method Body – Fat Free.

The only barre workout that does not emphasize the tuck is The Tracy Anderson Method…I couldn’t tell you why…but now I’ve got myself wondering. I’ll have to see what I can find out…but that’s another blog for another day.

Back to Bar Method.

The Bar Method Tuck is SO very effective and activates your glutes, thighs, and hamstrings in your legs, as well as your ab muscles so that you’re fully engaged in the exercise.

The Tuck involves dropping your tailbone toward the floor, pulling your hips up and in, and shifting your ribcage forward.

It takes awhile to get the Tuck right, but once you do, WOW, does it intensify the workout!! I had my legs shaking after only 1 set this morning. And IT FELT SO GOOD!!

I did like the fact that my workout included some knee dancing, in addition to Burr’s normal back dancing. I like the fact that knee dancing incorporated the tuck, as well as engaging ever other muscle in your torso. I can feel my muscles getting stronger and more sculpted by the day!!

Does this make you want to try The Bar Method Tuck?

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