The Best Backyard Kiddie Pools for Summer

If you have kids and a backyard, consider getting a backyard kiddie pool this summer. These miniature pools let your kids play outside and cool off without having to leave home. Most of them are big enough to support multiple children, some have cool interactive features, and some even have enough room for you!

You can find kiddie pools in a variety of sizes and at almost any price point. You also have options when it comes to the pool’s material – while many are inflatable, you’ll also find pools with hard plastic walls or metal supports. These are some of the best backyard kiddie pools on the market for summer 2020, each with something different to love. Which pool will your kids be spending their summer in?

Some of the Best Backyard Kiddie Pools for Summer!

If you’re buying your kiddie pool online, keep in mind that they don’t always include air pumps. If you don’t have one already, add one to your cart before checking out.

Pools need just as much care as any other part of your home or yard. This is The Ultimate Guide to Pool Maintenance, featuring every aspect of water quality, parts and tools.

Paradise Inflatable Pool

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Inflatable Duck Pool with Sprinkler

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While this pool doesn’t have any bells and whistles, it’s big enough for both you and your kids. It can hold 1 foot of water, making it a great choice for kids in grade school. Grab an air pump and some toys – your family will be enjoying this pool all summer!

This baby pool has a canopy attached to protect your little one from the sun. There’s also a sprinkler to entertain your child even more, though it doesn’t need to be hooked up to retain water. You’ll even get a repair patch in case your pets put a hole in the pool!

Dinoland Inflatable Swim Center

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As your child goes down the slide in this dinosaur-themed kiddie pool, they’ll get a spritz of water from the overhead sprinkler! They can also throw plastic balls into the hoops and roll some more balls down the volcano ramp. Some balls and hoops are included, and there’s even a slide landing mat to protect your kid’s behind!

  1. Summer Waves Small Plastic Frame Kiddie Pool

Unlike the other kiddie pools on this list, this pool has a plastic frame that’s easy to set up. It’s 12 inches deep and 48 x 48 inches, making it large enough for the whole family. When it’s too cold to go swimming, you can turn this pool into a giant ball pit!

Watermelon, Ice Cream, or Hamburger Pool

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When buying this kiddie pool, you can choose between different designs. Since there are three air chambers, you can blow up this pool without a pump. However, using a pump will have this pool ready to use quicker. If you have a need for three kiddie pools, you can buy one of each design in a pack.

Pink and Gold Glitter Mini Pool

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This inflatable kiddie pool holds 6 inches of water, and the floor also inflates to keep kids from hitting the hard ground. Each of the pool’s three rings has glitter inside, so this is a great choice for kids who love all things glitzy. After summer is over, use the pool as a ball pit!

Inflatable Family Lounge Pool

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At 88 x 83 x 30 inches, this pool is big enough for the whole family. The water can reach 12 inches high, but there’s a built-in bench for those who don’t want to get very wet. Draining this pool after each use is easy with the drain plug – no more dumping it onto the grass or re-using old water!

Candy Zone Inflatable Play Center

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Bring back memories of the Candy Land board game with this interactive kiddie pool. A sprinkler sprays kids with water as they go down the slide, and there’s a soft landing mat to protect small behinds from the impact. While one child is waiting to use the slide, they can roll some balls down the two ramps.

Jungle Adventure Inflatable Play Center

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Most kiddie pools with slides are a bit cramped, but several other kids can swim in this pool while someone is sliding! There’s also a divider that creates a “mini pool” behind the waterslide ladder. Your kids will love the animals that pop up from the water, the ring toss, and the ball game!

Yaheetech Foldable Pool

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This hard plastic pool is great for kids, and you can also use it for your pets. The bottom of the pool has a no-skid surface to protect your kids while they’re playing, and there’s a drain valve to make putting away the pool easier. Fold it up and store it while it’s not in use – you can even throw it in your car!

Sun Shade Inflatable Pool

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On unusually hot days, you’ll be thankful for this pool’s roof! If the sun isn’t overbearing, you can remove the sun shade temporarily. The 74-gallon pool holds up to 9.5 inches of water, making it great for toddlers.

Fill-N-Fun Paddling Pool

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The walls of this PVC pool are attached to a vinyl bottom, and you won’t need any tools to set it up. You’ll also save time by not having to inflate the walls. When you order the pool on Amazon, you can choose between four different sizes, the largest being 96 x 18 inches.

Splash-N-Shade Play Pool

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Shaded pools are great, but shades with UV protection are even better. There’s also a water sprayer on the top of the shade to keep you cool. If durability is a concern for you, this pool is one of your best options – it’s supported by 3-ply polyester walls and heavy-duty PVC. You can even bring a small dog into the pool with you!

Whether you’re buying a kiddie pool for one kid, several kids, a dog, or even yourself, there’s an option on the market that suits your needs. This summer, enjoy the outdoors with a pool that will keep your family entertained for hours. There’s no need to drive to a community recreation center or the beach – your backyard is where the fun’s at!

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