The Best Dorm Room Workout Equipment

Staying fit with the student lifestyle definitely isn’t easy. You’re usually strict on budget and space, and getting to the gym isn’t always the most convenient option, especially if your campus doesn’t have one! If you want to stay fit, without having to skip on your studies consider looking into some dorm room-friendly workout equipment! 

Why you Need Dorm Room Workout Equipment 

Keeping on top of your schoolwork doesn’t mean you have to overlook your fitness! Cramped dorm rooms mean thinking outside of the big box store exercise equipment for some more space-friendly equipment. Gear up for a healthy semester with some low-profile dorm room workout equipment that won’t break your budget! 

What is the Best Workout Equipment for a Dorm Room?

Now, a lot of this depends on just what type of workout you’re going for. That being said, not all equipment is made equally. You don’t have time to sort through pages of sketchy workout equipment, so I’ve taken the time to review a few pieces of equipment that won’t break the budget! In these reviews, I’m looking at affordability, versatility, size, and quality. Getting the best workout equipment for your dorm room this semester is a top priority for staying true to your fitness goals! 

Aibiner Sports Stretch Abdominal Rope 

Stocking up on dorm room exercise equipment sometimes means keeping it simple, and that’s exactly what this abdominal stretching rope does! Offering resistance training primarily for abdominal workouts, it’s a great addition to your dorm room fitness routine. Small, portable and easy to stash just about anywhere in your space, you’ll be very satisfied with the versatility of this workout buddy!

Latex and a thick webbing make this resistance rope strong and durable. It’s also an all in one ab workout device, eliminating the need for bulky and expensive equipment, especially if it’s only for a semester! 


  • Small and portable 
  • Durable and versatile 


  • Handles might not be the most comfortable, but they get the job done! 

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

The quintessential passive workout juggernaut returns for a great piece of multipurpose dorm room workout equipment. Firstly, this balance ball chair scores a lot of points right off the bat for its ability to be a multipurpose piece of equipment. Replacing the need for a study desk chair, this balance ball is a net-zero space-saving workout buddy! 

This dorm room exercise hero helps improve circulation and calorie burning while you would have been otherwise stationary while studying. Balancing on the comfortable and posture-improving yoga ball goes a long way to improving your day to day health and aides in keeping up on your fitness commitments while away for university! 


  • Affordable
  • Takes up virtually no space if used an alternative to a desk chair 


  • Made for a passive workout, intended as a supplement to regular cardiovascular and strength exercise.

Iron Gym Workout Bar

If you’re looking for a more high-intensity workout in your dorm room this little piece of simple equipment has a lot of benefits! Taking up almost no space, this bar attaches to any door jamb for a seamless fit. Designed for achieving a total upper body workout, this bar provides a limitless variety of upper body workouts right in the comfort of your dorm room! 

It can also be placed on the floor for another set of bodyweight exercises. Installation is simple, it fits almost any door and goes up and comes down in seconds, perfect for taking workout breaks in between your Latin assignments.  


  • Takes up no space at all 
  • Allows for a variety of upper-body workouts


  • Only suitable for calisthenic workouts 

Daiwa Felicity Compact Cycle Bike

This small and compact piece of cardio equipment can be a lifesaver for those with full-time studies and a fitness routine to keep upon. As far as an exercise designed for dorm rooms are concerned, you would think they had students in mind designing this unit. It fits right under your desk, so you can cycle while reading or completing assignments. 

This is the type of dorm room exercise equipment that’s perfect for eliminating stationary time in your schedule, but also useful for achieving a full workout when necessary. Whenever you want to get a full cardio session in, get comfortable and complete any time of routine that works for you so you can energize yourself for another round of studies!  


  • Small and compact 
  • Low price range compared to other units in its class 
  • Great for cardio 


  • May not provide the same functionality as a full-sized cycling bike 

PowerBlock Sport Adjustable Dumbbells

Dumbbells are well known as a versatile and worthwhile investment for a variety of workouts. Just how do they stack up as viable workout equipment for dorm rooms? Turns out they’re a top contender. Weights are great in their own right, but when they’re available compact in an adjustable set they’re perfectly ideal. Able to fit underneath your bed or desk, these weights offer a full range of selectable weight in just two blocks. 

Selecting different weights is as simple as can be, and allows you to pace yourself and work up to the desired weight range without having to shell out for new dumbbell sets that take up more and more space as you accumulate them. 


  • Multiple strength workout options in one 
  • Compact 


  • Easy to store although heavy 
  • Higher price tag 

Sunny Health and Fitness Mini Stepper

Great for getting up and getting active, this stepper is a smaller version of one you might find in your local gym. Being stuck inside your dorm room over the semester doesn’t have to mean long boring hours with little activity. Develop a simple but well-rounded fitness routine to keep yourself on your toes with this mini stepper. 

Step motion can be adjusted for height hydraulic resistance based on how intense of a workout session you’re looking for. One of the most obvious benefits of this piece of dorm room exercise equipment is that it takes up hardly any space. That being said, it still provides a sweat-worthy aerobic exercise in one small package! 


  • Small size 
  • Perfect for cardio 


  • Not very versatile compared to other small units

What is the Best Workout Equipment for Dorm Rooms?

After looking at each of these pieces of equipment it’s easy to say that they’re all purpose-built. However, when comparing them for the most versatile and space-effective workout in a dorm room, it suddenly becomes easier to determine which exercise equipment really takes the trophy. Looking at all-around versatility, I’d say that Daiwa Felicity stationary bike is the best option overall. 

Anyone who’s attended university knows just how much labor goes into studies, assignments and exam prep. If you’re someone who works better when your heart rate is up, or if you’d just like to avoid the negative effects of being stationary, I’d recommend this cycling as a great piece of dorm room workout equipment. Cardio exercise is key in maintaining overall health and subsidizes your workout plan very well when performed in small amounts. This unit is also low-impact, so you don’t have to worry about jumping in and out of cycling sessions. 

This stationary bike fits right underneath your desk and hardly takes up any space at all. For its versatility as a simple cardio tool, you can cycle at just the right level of intensity that suits your fitness goals! 

What to Consider When Buying Dorm Room Exercise Equipment

Remember, you’re not looking for something to expand your home gym, or commit to for life. This is just a piece of workout equipment that should last you your stay in your dorm room during this and subsequent semesters. It’s really a tool for maintaining your fitness plan, rather than achieving each and every part of it. 

Not only that, but you can also combine several of the items I’ve reviewed, (for relatively little cost compared to a gym membership) to expand the number of workouts you can perform! 

Thanks for checking out my reviews of this exercise equipment for dorm rooms! What kind of equipment, if any, have you used over the semester in the past? What type of workout equipment do you usually use to keep up on your fitness goals? Thanks so much for stopping by!

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