The Insider’s Guide to Disney Rides For Kids

You may not have heard (if you don't follow me on Instagram, you wouldn't have) that Smalls was granted his Wish for Disney! We're heading to Florida later this year, and I have been blessed to get some great advice from my fellow bloggers (including which Disney rides are okay for small kids!). Today, Christina from The Patricios is helping me out and giving me a peek inside riding with kids.


My husband and I have had season passes to Disneyland for as long as we can remember. We live in Fresno, California, which is about a 4 hour drive for us to get to Anaheim. We have always loved Disneyland and visited frequently, even before we had children. We had Carter in August 2011 and that October at 2 months old we were already toting him around Disneyland and have never looked back.

We visit Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure at least four times each year. We now have a daughter named Kennedy and her first visit was at 5 months old. We are a family that truly loves Disneyland and all of the magic that it holds. I wanted to share all of the Disney rides we enjoy with Carter and Kennedy, along with some helpful hints.


Adventure Land

The Enchanted Tiki Room is an attraction. You actually sit and watch a bird show. The birds and flowers sing and it is so much fun for the kids. Carter begs to watch it every time we go to Disneyland and my kids sing and dance to the music. The show is 12 minutes and 33 seconds long. Any height is welcome.

Critter Country

The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh is a fun ride for all ages. Travel through Hundred Acre Wood in an oversized beehive and immerse yourself in the stories of Winnie the Pooh. Any height is welcome.


Fantasmic is an attraction that happens nightly. Usually there are two showings (9pm and 10:45pm). You must pickup a Fantasmic Fastpass early in the day at the Big Thunder Trail to see this show. There are also dining packages you can purchase that come with a ticket to see the show.


Pinocchio’s Daring Journey is a cute ride that tells the adventures of Pinocchio from a wooden puppet to a real boy in this attraction based on the classic film. Any height is welcome.

Snow White’s Scary Adventure is a chilling ride that follows the path of Snow White as she flees into the dark and sinister forest to avoid the wrath of the evil Queen. Any height is welcome.

King Arthur’s Carrousel is a classic attraction inspired by the Knights of the Round table, where riders spin around, up and down to joyous music atop a regal steed. Any height is welcome.

Dumbo The Flying Elephant is one of our favorites. Soar high in the sky on a flight above Fantasyland aboard Dumbo the Elephant. Any height is welcome.

Peter Pan’s Flight is another one of our favorites. Fly over London with Peter Pan aboard an enchanted pirate ship to Never Land. Any height is welcome.IMG_2875

Mad Tea Party allows riders to spin ‘round and ‘round in an oversized teacup during a music-filled adventure. A wheel in the center of the teacup lets you control the direction and speed of your spin. Any height is welcome.

Alice In Wonderland explores the curiously wondrous world of Walt Disney’s animated classic Alice in Wonderland aboard an oversized Caterpillar. Any height is welcome.

It’s A Small World is a family favorite. Take off on a whimsical boat ride past a joyful congregation of singing children from around the globe. It is a classic ride and a must! Any height is welcome.

Mickey’s Toon Town

We sometimes visit Mickey’s Town Town. There are great kid-friendly places to eat and you can stroll through Mickey’s house and meet him at the end. You can also visit Minnnie Mouse’s house and meet her as well. There are two rides in Mickey’s Toon Town – Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin and Gadget’s Go Coaster. We have ridden these once before, but we do not ride them every time we go, as they are not on the priority list of rides when we are there.

Tomorrow Land

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage embarks on an undersea research expedition to an active volcano and dives into a new Finding Nemo adventure along the way. Any height is welcome.

Astro Orbitor allows riders to pilot their very own rocket ship high in the sky above Tomorrowland amid a gleaming constellation of orbiting planets. Any height is welcome.

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters allows Toy Story fans of all ages can fire lasers to defeat Zurg in this shooting-gallery attraction that puts you in the center of a thrilling space battle. Any height is welcome.

Are you headed to Disney? Find out which Disney rides are appropriate for young kids!

Helpful Hints

Paint The Night (parade after dark) just started in May 2015 and it is amazing. I highly recommend seeing this parade. People start saving seats very early, so make sure you have someone in your group who is willing to sit and save seats, or you can bring an extra blanket or beach towel and lay it down to save your seats.

We just recently laid two blankets to save our seats and continued riding rides, then came back right before parade time and our blankets were still there and we had amazing seats. Of course, you run the risk of someone moving your things, but it can be worth the risk if you don’t have time to sit for hours to save good seats. I recommend being right in front of the Small World ride so you can see the parade and fireworks that follow.

Disneyland Forever Fireworks Spectacular

These fireworks happen right after the first showing of Paint The Night parade, which changes slightly based on the time of year. I highly recommend seeing them right in front of the Small World ride.

Mickey’s Soundsational Parade is a great parade that happens daily.

Disney’s California Adventure

Hollywood Land

Disney Junior Live on Stage is a show that’s always a must see for our family. Kids can sing and dance with their favorite Disney Junior characters. The show is 23 minutes long and open to all ages.

Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue is a ride that races through Monstropolis to return Boo to her room. Any height is welcome.

Bug’s LandIMG_3474

Francis’ Ladybug Boogie takes riders on a spin on a ladybug’s back. Any height is welcome.

Flik’s Flyers soars through the sky in a hot air balloon made of leaves. Any height is welcome.

Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train is a fun locomotive ride in search of a caterpillar snacks. Any height is welcome.

Car’s Land

Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree is a fast paced ride where brave boys and girls are pulled around by little tractors while they spin and whirl to Mater’s music. Minimum height is 32″

Radiator Springs Racers is a road trip to Radiator Springs, that transforms from a slow cruise into a thrilling race across Ornament Valley. Minimum height 40″

Don’t miss the yummy food they have at Cozy Cone Motel in Car’s Land! It is a must!!

Paradise Pier

King Triton’s Carousel allows riders to enjoy a whimsical carousel of sea creatures. Any height is welcome.

Toy Story Midway Mania is one of our favorites. Riders take aim and score points as they ride this 4D attraction. Any height is welcome.

The Little Mermaid-Ariel’s Undersea Adventure is another favorite of ours. Be part of Ariel’s world under the sea aboard this attraction. Any height welcome.

Helpful Hints

World of Color is a magical show with music, water features, and so much more. This happens at Paradise Bay. You need to get a fastpass at Grizzly River Run in order to view World of Color. It has two show times (9pm and 10:15pm). You can also purchase a dining package that comes with a ticket to see World of Color.

Pixar Play Parade happens daily and features all of your favorite Disney Pixar pals. It is so cute and I think it is a must for any Disney Pixar fan.

What’s your favorite thing at the Disney Parks?

ChristinaMy name is Christina Patricio.  I am a wife and a stay at home mom.  I have two children – Carter who is three and Kennedy who is one.  I am a lover of holidays, decorating, Disneyland, crafting, cooking, reading, fashion, watching TV/movies, & celebrities. I have been a member of the philanthropy PINC Fresno since 2011. You can catch up with my on my blog, or through social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!

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