Free Trim Healthy Mama Dinner Recipes

Can you believe we’re nearly halfway through May? Pretty soon Smalls will be out of school for the summer…and I need to plan ahead! One thing that keeps my boys happy is being fed. Shocking, I know. One of those ways I do that is by planning ahead dinner with things like these FREE Trim Healthy Mama Dinner Recipes.

Free Trim Healthy Mama Dinner Recipes

So I’m trying to get mentally prepared for more hectic days (because working from home with 2 littles is no easy feat!) so that dinner lands on the table when it’s supposed to. I’ve been doing really well with my nutritional cleansing, so breakfast and lunches are pretty set…and the boys are going gluten free and dairy free with their mama this summer. So. Plan. Ahead.

Free Trim Healthy Mama Dinner Recipes

I live in Texas, and when the calendar hits summer, it’s hot. For example, today, it’s only mid-May, and it’s 90 degrees. We’ve got a ways to go. Because of this, I look for meals that fit these criteria:

  • Easy
  • Fast
  • Minimal Oven/Stovetop Time

I am a huge fan of my Instant Pot (the Bluetooth version allows you to start and set meals from anywhere) for meals, too.

I have been compiling a list of recipe ideas, and I figured that rather than keep it to myself, I would share with y’all. Because I’m awesome like that!

18 Trim Healthy Mama Dinner Recipes

  1. Chicken Lettuce Wraps (S, FP, E)
  2. Portabella Pizzas (S) + side salad
  3. Sweet N Sour Chicken (E) + brown rice
  4. Wicked White Chili (Page 37)
  5. BBQ Pork Tenderloin + green salad (S)
  6. Beef Fajitas using this marinade and jicama tortillas (S)
  7. Marinated Chicken Legs + veggie kabobs (S)
  8. Egg Roll In A Bowl (Page 62)
  9. Greek Burgers on a lettuce bun + side salad (S)
  10. Veggie & Hummus Lavash Wraps (using gluten free Lavash) (E)
  11. Moroccan Beef + grilled vegetables (S)
  12. Barbacoa over lettuce (S)
  13. Shrimp Fried “Rice” (E)
  14. Slim Sloppy Joes (Page 63) (E)
  15. Wet Brisket in our smoker + fiesta slaw (S)
  16. Italian Chicken Bake (E)
  17. THM Hobo Packs (E or S)
  18. Crockpot “Spaghetti” and Meatballs (E or S)

Bonus: My THM recipes!

I love how easy the Trim Healthy Mama plan is to follow. I even created a cheat sheet to help you figure out what differentiates S and E meals!


Share your favorite summer dish below!

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