How To Feed Your Family Whole Foods For Less

Eating wholesome, healthy foods can get expensive. And if you’re like me, it can get overwhelming. I hate that shopping at the supermarket is like trying to run from those darned PacMan ghosts. I am constantly stopping, turning around, and backtracking to find what I need…if they even have it.

Thankfully, about 6 months ago, I found an awesome new company that has made my life volumes easier. Instead of trying to maneuver my cart up and down aisles searching for Coconut Aminos (yes, that’s a thing), I can save money and time shopping from home. In my pajamas. Without a bra.

I know you mamas know what I mean (I see you with your Amazon Prime boxes sitting on the porch).

Enter to win a $1000 shopping spree at Thrive Market! Stock your pantry with healthy, wholesome foods!


Healthy Food, Huge Savings


If Costco and Whole Foods had a baby, it would look like Thrive Market. Y’all. This is the It’s the convenience of shopping on Amazon (with free shipping for most orders!), the quality you expect from brands carried by Whole Foods, and better-than-Costco pricing.

Seriously. Thrive has amazing deals on staples that make our gluten-free Paleo diet possible, such as:


Products I Already Purchase


Thrive Market carries the brands I already trust, such as Weleda, Dr. Bronner’s, Spectrum Naturals, Garden of Eatin’, Bob’s Red Mill, Nature’s Path, Eden Foods, Earth’s Best, Seventh Generation, Garden of Life, Jason Naturals…and so many more. In fact, they carry more than 2,500 individual products.

For less than $5.00 a month (a year membership is $59,95), I have access to over 400 health-conscious brands. And that number is growing daily. My favorite part?

Thrive Market delivers these products to my front porch at 25-50% below retail. 

I love to save money, but I’m a skeptic. So I spent some time researching before I took advantage of my free (yes, it’s free to try) membership. I found that I would actually save money over not only organic brands, but some conventional brands as well.


Here’s what I found:

  • Seventh Generation powered laundry soap ($13.95) for less than a tub of Tide ($19.99),
  • Natural, chlorine-free diapers ($10.45) for less than Huggies Pure & Natural ($10.99),
  • Coconut aminos for far less than Amazon (which rocks since I cannot find them locally),
  • Organic applesauce pouches for cheaper than their conventional counterpart.

Thrive carries only nonperishable items, so you can still support your local farmer’s markets, buy local eggs and contribute to small businesses in your area. But, you can save a bundle by taking your weekly trip to Whole Foods off your calendar. 

I love that Thrive provides a serious competitor for other online shops. They are socially conscious and far less expensive than the alternative. I have been using Thrive to shop for the majority of our staples, and in less than 6 months, I’ve already saved over $150.00 (compared to purchasing locally or on Amazon).

Free Shipping

I hate paying shipping. So much so that I’ve caught myself adding an extra $30 to my order to avoid a $12.00 shipping charge. Thankfully, Thrive offers free shipping for any order over $49.00. And it’s based on your order before additional discounts, so if you find a coupon code, you can save even more! This works out well for me, as I only order once a month, so my order is always, always over that mark.

Socially Conscious

I love companies that give back, and Thrive gives back in a big way. For every annual membership purchased, they turn around and donate a membership to a low income family to help make healthy and wholesome foods available for everyone.

Their boxes and packaging are made from recycled products, and are recyclable themselves. And everything is always packed well.


Shopping Spree + Trial Membership


I am always hesitant to sign up for anything before I’ve tried it (which is why I post my workout video reviews for y’all).

Thrive is offering a free one-month trial membership and 25% off your first order to all BreaGettingFit readers, plus a chance to win a $1000 shopping spree to Thrive Market.

Click here to qualify for the discount and enter for the shopping spree.

If you have any trouble entering the contest, just email and they can help you.

You only have until August 10th to enter to win the shopping spree and get this discount- so check it out soon!

Head’s Up!

Thrive Market is a new company with a big mission. Please be patient as you’re shopping. Some popular items may be out of stock temporarily while they deal with some growing pains. If something you are looking for is out of stock, just check back in a day or two. Remember, patience is a virtue!

Ready to give it a try? Click here to find out more about Thrive Market and try it for free!

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