5 Simple Tips For Waking Up Happy

If you’re looking for some super simple tips for waking up happy, you may find great success with these ideas! With the morning being the first thing that can set the tone for the entire day, you want to do your best to start it in a mentally positive way.

Tips For Waking Up Happy

Mornings can be rough. It’s like once that alarm clock rings, all those responsibilities of life come flooding back to you. Y’all know what I mean, right? The kids, the bills, the cleaning and cooking at home, earning money…all those adult things, right?

But keep this in mind. If the moment that you open your eyes you’re already hating on the day, your entire day is going to keep going in that negative spiral. It’s just the way it is.

Instead of being in a bad mood for the next 15 hours straight until it’s bedtime again, who not try these simple tips for waking up happy?

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Waking Up Happy

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I promise they are not hard! It’s all about the frame of mind!

  • Go to bed when you are tired

If your body is tired, your brain is tired as well. That way, you’re resting everything that you need to so it all works the best that it can the next day. And we’ve all been there in the morning when the sun rises and the rooster crows…and we just aren’t ready to get up because we stayed up too late. Don’t do that to yourself. Give your body and brain the rest it needs!

  • Give yourself something to look forward to

I don’t care what it is. A great breakfast, a morning jog, a cup of coffee by yourself in complete silence. Anything is fine. There is nothing more motivating that can bring simple happiness than when you get out of bed and do something for yourself that you’re excited for.

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  • Read something that makes you smile

Did you know that filling your mind with happy thoughts when you wake up can be as simple as picking up a good book and read a few pages? If you have a book that makes you smile, put it on your nightstand and read it in the morning. And if you don’t, head to the local bookstore or Amazon and find one that can!

  • Have your outfit ready and waiting for you the night before

If you take the steps to have all your clothing already chosen and laid out and waiting for you, it’s just one less thing that you have to deal with in the AM. It’s just that simple. That way when everyone else is needing help starting their day in your family, you can smile knowing that you are already ahead of the game.

  • Waking up and give yourself a compliment

It’s just that simple. Once your eyes open and your brain is awake, say something nice about yourself. (out loud or in your head, either way) Not only will this give your brain a boost in the positive direction, but let’s be honest…you are pretty awesome!

Putting emphasis on starting your morning on a positive foot is really, really important. Why waste an entire day of your life moping around and being negative when you easily turn that from upside down?

And while these tips work great for you, just know that they work great for anyone of any age as well. Your kids and spouse may see great benefits from trying these simple tips, too. Can you imagine if literally, everyone in your house was able to wake up every single day with a smile on their face and happy thoughts in their head? That would be epic!

positive mindset Do you have any other simple tips for waking up happy?


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