Tracy Anderson Boot Camp Workout Review

As you may remember, I’m a big fan of Tracy Anderson’s workouts. That’s why I made this Tracy Anderson Boot Camp Workout Review This new program is definitely up there with my favorites.

Tracy Anderson Boot Camp Workout Review

Let’s start from the top, shall we? Tracy has been releasing a number of “shortened” workouts for those of us normal people who cannot dedicate 90 minutes a day to exercise.

Wanting a new workout? I can help! Here's my Tracy Tracy Anderson Boot Camp Workout ReviewBoot Camp Workout Review

I’m one of those people she’s targeting. I’m lucky if I can pee alone, people. So the fact that all of her recent releases have been broken into smaller chunks is amazing. This particular Boot Camp workout is divided amongst glutes, hips and thighs, and abs. I actually like that she’s broken up the lower body, but I do miss my arms workout (though she does “include them” almost as an afterthought).

Tracy does a great job of breaking down each movement and goes at a slower pace than Metamorphosis, but a tad bit faster than her Beginners workout. It’s a good pace for me, though I haven’t added the recommended 2-pound ankle weights yet (and she wants you to eventually another set of 1 pound ankle weights at the end of workout!). You’ll also want to have your 3-pound weights.

Tracy Anderson Boot Camp workout review: Hips & Thighs

The first workout that I tackled was her Hips and Thighs section, which is advertised as 20 minutes (more like 18 when I clocked it) that is quality time on the mat. I recommend that you grab a Rat Pad or thick yoga mat to save your knees.

She focuses on one leg for about half the workout, and then switches sides. My entire body was shaking by the end of the work, at which time she advised me that I needed to add more weight to my ankles (not right now, thanks), and led some standing leg work. I recommend grabbing a chair if you have balance issues, or you may end up with a bruise to match mine.

This segment contained a number of new movements that will take a bit of time to master.

Tracy Anderson Boot Camp workout review: Glutes

This section was similar to hips and glutes, though it was a whopping minute longer, clocking in at 19 minutes. The movements were reminiscent of Precision Toning and her original Mat Workout.

Both glutes and the hips and thighs sections of the workouts were torturous in a good way. Stairs and toilets will not be your friend after doing these, so plan accordingly. Tracy doesn’t do a ton of stretching, so be mindful and give your hips some love after each section.

Tracy Anderson Boot Camp workout review: Abs

I was dying by the end of this workout. DYING, people. I had sweat POURING down my face. Thankfully I didn’t smell too bad (yay for natural deodorant!), but it hurt to laugh for about a week after I did this section once.

Tracy’s take on abdominal work is very precise and hard. Very, very hard, but it always is, which is probably why I avoid it, though I shouldn’t. Go easy here and build up. It’s okay to take a break, breathe, and try again tomorrow.

Overall, this Boot Camp workout contains muscular structure work that I would say is a bit more complex than Method Express (I will post a review of this workout soon!), Precision Toning, or her Original Mat Workout. It is definitely more challenging than her recent Beginner Workout, so if you’re new to Tracy’s workouts, do yourself a favor and start there.

Now, some new movements does not mean this workout is more effective or even better, though time will tell. And, if your arms are missing their workout, head over to my free workout videos page and pick one of hers!

You can find out more about Tracy Anderson’s Boot Camp here:

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  1. Samantha @ WhatsUpUSANA on January 14, 2016 at 3:24 pm

    I’ve never heard of her workouts before! I’ll have to give one a try 🙂 I’m always looking for different workout programs to try out. Thanks for sharing, Brea!

    P.S. we have an awesome infographic releasing next week about dietary fat and the history of it all. Let me know if you’d like to check it out 🙂


    • Brea on January 14, 2016 at 3:25 pm

      They are awesome!

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