Tracy Anderson Precision Toning kicked my butt!

Quite literally, I might add! This morning, I did Tracy Anderson Precision Toning…but only the legs and butt sections (read my take on the arms and abs sections here).

I am SO glad that I skipped arms and abs, because they hurt anyway! Tracy says that her workouts are all you need because your entire body is constantly engaged…and she means it. This workout was, well…a pain in the ass.

Precision Toning In 15 Minutes?

Again, this DVD is broken into 15-minute blocks, this time, about 7.5 minutes per side, so that everything can be nice and even. You’ll need a chair, and possibly 1.5 lb. ankle weights (if you can do this workout with them on, you are a GODDESS…I am not.).

tracy anderson precision toning

I skipped the ankle weights since I was already so shaky that I was afraid I’d fall on my extremely sore backside…and that was BEFORE I started her butt section!

Did I mention that legs is just a warm up for butt? Yup. It’s torture, but the good kind. So, after I had jell-o legs, I moved on to section 2…butt.

This is done exclusively on a mat. I need to get a better mat…or a mat at all. My carpet is just not cutting it. Plan on being on all fours (in some variation) for the entire 15-minutes. Do your knees a favor and grab a towel or a squishy mat to save your knees.

The reps in these sections of the videos go quite a bit faster, and it was a bit hard for my weak self to keep up. But darnit, I’m going to get there!! Now I’m off to find my Deep Relief. OWIE!

Have you tried Tracy Anderson Precision Toning?


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