Tracy Anderson Method: Mat Workout Review

So… I tried a new workout this morning: The Tracy Anderson Method Mat Workout. Tracy claims that she has a revolutionary training technique that will make you skinny, toned and not bulky…and when you look at her clients (Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow), this is an easy claim to believe.

Tracy Anderson Method: Mat Workout Review

They are both tiny, toned and not at all bulky. I have a hard time with the revolutionary part, which is what was so intriguing to me. I love barre workouts. And I consistently rotate Bar Method, Fluidity, Exhale, Squeeze, and more.

Tracy Anderson Method: Mat Workout Review

I Might Be An Expert…

I must say that I am getting rather good at traditional barre workouts. Since starting them, I have seen SIGNIFICANT improvement in my figure and muscle composition. Of course, I’ve also lost 40 pounds…. I think that may be part of it, maybe.

I just recently started back into isometrics again after doing The FIRM for almost 6 months. I like that my heart rate stays in a reasonable range and that I’m relaxed, rather than tense after my workouts.

Don’t Count On Cues

Her instruction is AWFUL. I am somewhat familiar with some of the moves, having done other isometric-based workouts. She doesn’t cue for posture or form at all very frequently as I think is necessary to get the most from the movements.

tracy anderson method mat workoutIn addition, she looks bored for most of the video. Now, I will confess that the arm segment had me near tears, and I can still feel my shoulders and triceps burning, but Tracy does not offer much encouragement, other than to say you will get stronger, and be able to do this.

Don’t You Dare Drop Your Arms

She does take the time to mention that you HAVE to keep your arms up the entire segment, which I was unable to do, due to the awful burning sensation in my shoulders. In addition to being lack-luster in the instruction department, she does not include any arm stretches nor does she stretch the muscle groups after exhausting themTracy Anderson Method: Mat Workout Review.

I think that this is extremely important if you are going to be teaching new students. I realize that her method is “new” and “revolutionary”, but it is based on isometrics, which focus on strength THEN STRETCH.

Final Thoughts

In fact, thinking about it, her instruction was almost an afterthought…. I can definitely see why she waited so long to introduce her Method to the masses: she would probably be AMAZING in person, but on video, you need to cue, instruct and emphasize form.

All of which are lacking here. I will do this workout again, and my complaints are only that it could be improved upon.

That being said I did enjoy the music and the movements. I just would have appreciated more guidance. However, I think that after doing the DVD a few more times, I’ll be more comfortable with the moves and able to follow her movements without the instruction, but we’ll see…

Have you tried The Mat Workout?


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