Traveling Tuesday: Recipes, Fitness, and Inspiration From Around The Web

It’s been a busy week around the blogosphere! I’ve been looking for more paleo-friendly recipes (because I am LOVING what Whole30 is doing for my energy!), and workout motivation.

I also found some great motivation to use my meditation space a bit more! Here’s what I’m digging this week:

traveling tuesday

I don’t know about you, but I love homemade salsa…and I’m always looking for new recipes. Because, salsa. So this week, I found this secret ingredient Cilantro Lima Salsa. It’s on my list to try. Doesn’t it look yum?


Over the past week, I’ve been on a bit of a sweet potato kick. I can’t help myself! They’re darned delicious!


I have a love affair with Chicken Cacciatori. Maybe it’s just Italian food in general. Regardless, this recipe has me wanting a pressure cooker.


Indian food is delicious, and Tikka Masala is a favorite of mine. Now I just need to figure out how to make it yummy and Paleo friendly!

tikka 2

Are you a fan of spice? Ish loves anything spicy, but for me, I have to be careful. So of course, when I came across this Habanero marinade, I was a little leery…but then again, it sounds so good. Who wants to try it and report back?


Here in Texas it may be hot, but talk to anyone in Houston, and they’ll tell you that if you don’t like the weather, just wait an hour. It can be 90 degrees and sunny one minute and 70 and pouring the next. Complete with thunder and lightening. And while 70 may seem warm to some, it’s downright chilly to me! This delicious sounding spinach lentil soup would be perfect for a stormy day.


I ran across a post about cricket flour this week….I still have no thoughts on the matter. How about you?


Remember the delicious broccoli salad from the deli counter that was loaded with yummy things…and a lot of not-so-great-for-you things? I have fond, fond memories of that salad, and I was over the moon to find a healthified (yes, I’m making it a word. Deal with it) version!


It’s summer, which means that our kids are home more, and it also means they’re going to want to be outside (and really, can you blame them?). Use this time for bonding, and getting in shape. Win-win!

Little boy playing soccer with his father.

Little boy playing soccer with his father.

I’m always looking for fun things to do during the warmer months, and this is a great list!


I’ve always dreamed of participating in a triathlon-so I was super excited to find this podast from IronDad with guest Jen Rulon!


Sometimes we all need a little bit of motivation. I absolutely love the suggestions like keeping a fridge calendar of your workouts!


I love a good workout as much as the next girl, but living in Texas, I have to think about summertime workout fitness all year round.


I love reading about what motivates others, what inspires them, and why they do what they do-especially if they’ve made fitness their life. Andrea Speir is a well-respected Pilates instructor and has some great tips for everyone.


Do you meditate? I used to thing that meditation was weird-but now I can’t sleep unless I sit down and meditate to help calm my mind. I happen to also be a HUGE fan of Mala Beads, which are a tool to help in meditation.


How do you feel about your body? Do you love it? Hate it? I’ve found that I’m my own worst Mean Girl, and it’s about high time I stopped being frustrated with what I’m not, and accepting what I’m working toward.


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