Weekly Workouts: Week 2

Hey there! So. Last week I braved roller derby. And I’m pretty sure that they were trying to kill me. Also, remind me to skip doing legs the morning I have roller derby, okay?

Because that is a horrible, horrible idea. HORRIBLE. Trust me on this one.

Time to share my weekly workouts!

As much as I didn’t want to workout on Tuesday (because I was pretty sure that I was dying), I sucked it up and did it. Yes, I only did a 30 minute practice, but it’s something. And something is always, always better than nothing.

I also took the plunge and made a personal commitment to get drafted to a team. I had so much fun learning on Monday night, but I knew I needed better skates. So I talked with Ish and we decided that in addition to my own pads (because after being gross and sweaty in the pads that someone else was also gross and sweaty in…barf.), I would go ahead and purchase a “fresh meat” package that included my pads, my skates, and a helmet. At least it adds some spice (and pain) to my weekly workouts…right?

We also switched Smalls’ to an earlier gymnastics class on Tuesday afternoons, so we run straight from school to gym. He had much better focus, and The Baby and I really enjoyed watching him.

MondayRoller Derby

Workout: Method Express Legs, Namaste Yoga Practice, Roller Derby

BreakfastAdrenal Reset Shake (made with cashew milk and cold brewed coffee)

Lunch: Pan-fried ham and fiesta slaw

Dinner: Kalua Pig with sautéed brussels sprouts.


Workout: Namaste Yoga Practice

Breakfast: Adrenal Reset Shake

Lunch: Smoothie King shake with no turbinado

Dinner: Paleo Fried “Rice”


Workout: Cathe’s Upper Body HIIT

Breakfast: 2 fried eggs with brussels sprouts

Lunch: Kalua Pig with Fiesta Slaw

Dinner: Dunn Brother’s club sandwich with gluten free bread



Workout: 2 mile walk/jog, skater lunges and some Valslide work

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with chicken apple sausage

Lunch: Dunn Brother’s club sandwich with gluten free bread

Dinner: Sautéed gulf shrimp with fiesta slaw


Workout: 10×3 skater lunges, yoga flow, Bosu, HIIT

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with bacon

Lunch: Adrenal Reset Shake

Dinner: {date night with Smalls!}Red Robin California Chicken Burger on a gluten-free bun with steak fries and ranch


Workout: 2.5 miles on the elliptical, skater lunges, Namaste Yoga

BreakfastAdrenal Reset Shake

Lunch: “Fried” chicken (using my air fryer) with watermelon balls

Dinner: Grilled lamb steaks with sautéed brussels sprouts


Workout: Skater lunges, Namaste Yoga, Lower Body HIIT

Brunch: Chicken apple sausage frittata

Dinner: Kalua Pork with grilled green beans

How did you move last week?

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  1. Lindsay on September 28, 2015 at 10:43 pm

    I had wondered how your first meet up was (is meeting up a thing in derby? Or skating together?? I dunno lol). You must share more as you get more comfortable and find your place. I know a girl I went to high school with and she got right involved with roller derby and loved it!!


    • Brea on September 28, 2015 at 11:33 pm

      OMG! SO.MUCH.FUN! And so much pain. But FUN! I am working on another update for next week!

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