Weekly Workouts: Week 3

Howdy! Tonight is my third week of Roller Derby! My third week!!

How did that happen?!

Oh, right. I bought a Groupon and quickly became an addict. I ordered skates after my first class, and am obsessed with getting this right. I also can’t wait for 2 practices a week…just have to skate out of the beginner class!

Time to share my weekly workouts!

Beyond just having new skates (YAY!), I’ve been working on my crossovers and glides at home so that I can get my footwork down. I am bound and determined to skate out of beginner by the end of next week’s class, y’all. That means I have to skate 10 laps, fall 4 times (and get back up) in 2:30 or less.

INSANE. But this girl is determined! Intermediate class is 2 hours long, a killer workout, and we actually work on more than just skating and stopping. So practicing at home had better pay off!

Plus, I want a derby booty. {blush}


Workout: Roller Derby!roller derby week 2

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with chicken apple sausage

Lunch: Adrenal Reset Shake

Dinner: Kalua Pig


Workout: Namaste Yoga Practice, Valslides, crossover squats

Breakfast: Adrenal Reset Shake

Lunch: Smoothie King shake with no turbinado

Dinner: Noodle-free chicken soup


Workout: Cathe’s Lower Body HIIT

Breakfast: Paleo Shake

Lunch: Dunn Brother’s club sandwich on gluten free bread

Dinner: Annie’s gluten free mac & cheese


Workout: Bosu + TRX training to strengthen my quads

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and ham     

Lunch: Leftover mac & cheese



Workout: Skate drills-crossovers, lunges, running starts

Breakfast: Adrenal Reset Shake

Lunch: Rolled ham with watermelon and cucumbers

Dinner: Paleo Pizza Casserole


Workout: Family skate!

BreakfastAdrenal Reset Shake

Lunch: Chicken hash

Dinner: Paleo fried rice


Workout: Family skate!

Brunch: Chicken apple sausage with fried eggs

Dinner: Grilled lamb steaks with green beans and fiesta slaw

How did you move last week?

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