Weekly Workouts: Week 4

So I was talking to my Dad yesterday, and he casually asked “so, how’s roller derby?” Which of course made me feel guilty for not skating beyond practice this week, but also made me a little proud of my new sport.

Because y’all. This is not a hobby-not even a little bit. This is a SPORT. It’s hard. It requires work, practice, and dedication. And I LOVE it. 

That being said, I really, really need to up my skating game. I kind of suck at the most basic skills. So this week I’m adding in a few more skating sessions so that I can get more time on my wheels (and my awesome skates).

And now for my weekly workouts….

Time to share my weekly workouts!


Workout: Roller Derby!South Side Roller Derby

Breakfast: Starbucks iced coffee with pumpkin spice and cream. I know, I know.

Lunch: Leftover sweet potato “pasta” with pesto and Gulf shrimp

Dinner: Hard boiled egg and fiesta slaw


Workout: Namaste Yoga

Breakfast: Leftover lamb steak with fiesta slaw

Lunch: Chocolate paleo shake

Dinner: Crockpot barbecue pork roast with sautéed brussels sprouts


Workout: 2.5 miles on the elliptical

Breakfast: Paleo Shake

Lunch: Leftover pork roast and sprouts

Dinner: Scrambled eggs and bacon


Workout: Bosu + TRX circuit

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and ham     

Lunch: Ham and turkey slices with baby cucumbers

Dinner: Chicken hash


Workout: Rest day

Breakfast: Adrenal Reset Shake

Lunch: Rolled ham with watermelon and cucumbers

Dinner: Crockpot spaghetti squash with lamb meatballs


Workout: Family walk – 2.5 miles pushing a

BreakfastAdrenal Reset Shake

Lunch: Paleo shake

Dinner: Barbecue turkey and sausage with fiesta slaw and raw veggies


Workout: Bosu balances and abs

Breakfast: Chicken apple sausage with scrambled eggs

Lunch: An embarrassing amount of pumpkin apple spice muffins (recipe coming this week!)

Dinner: Gluten free (not paleo) veggie pizza from our favorite pizza shop

How did you move last week?

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