Weekly Workouts: Week 5 (In Which I Break My Fibula)

Last week started out with an awesome 2 hour roller derby practice. And I stunk, so they asked me to come back on Thursday to work on my basics. I’m cool with that. I had so much fun on Monday-but holy moly, y’all! Two hours on skates will kill a normal person!

Luckily, I’m not normal! Okay, time for my weekly workouts!

Time to share my weekly workouts!


Workout: Roller Derby for two whole hours (I didn’t die!!)12141707_986634844709243_8952148375598644692_n

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with chicken apple sausage

Lunch: 3 (okay, 5!) pumpkin apple spice muffins

Dinner: Pulled pork with fiesta slaw


Workout: $1 skate night (2 hours of skating)

Breakfast: Chocolate-banana paleo shake

Lunch: Chocolate paleo shake (yes, again)

Dinner: Crockpot barbecue pork roast with sautéed brussels sprouts


Workout: Namaste Yoga

Breakfast: Paleo Shake

Lunch: Turkey sticks with carrots and cucumber slices

Dinner: Scrambled eggs and bacon


Workout: Derby practice…

12109826_10203491957299224_5242512074182408259_oSo. I got asked to go to derby practice on Thursday night. I was beyond pumped, y’all. I know I stink and I need a lot of work, but the only way I’m going to get better is to get on my skates as much as possible. The more ‘seasoned’ fresh meat went through the skills assessment and one of the vets worked with me (thank you!) on my turns, stops, and even backwards skating. I was slow, but I was actually doing it!

And then I got cocky…we were practicing toe stop work…and I was doing pretty well (thanks ballet!)…until I wasn’t. I was standing on my toe stops and then…well, and then I wasn’t. My hips went one way and my skate went under me and my leg popped…twice. I couldn’t bear weight on it, so they helped me get my skates off and get off the track.

I sat with ice on it for about an hour and realized that there was NO way I was getting back on my skates, so the vets (I seriously love you ladies (and gent!)) helped me out to my car, and I drove home. Ish helped me hobble into the house, and got really mad when I didn’t demand to go the the ER (tired and stupid). So one of the vets offered to swing by crutches and some ibuprofen so I could at least move around. LOVE YOU DOLLY! It took me until SATURDAY to get my rear end into the ER, thanks to Cynthia.


It’s broke. I’m out for 6 to 8 weeks at least. Wah-wah.

Breakfast: Paleo shake   

Lunch: Gluten free club from Dunn Bros. Coffee and an Iced Pumpkin Nirvana

Dinner: Paleo Pizza Casserole


Workout: Rest day (obviously)

Breakfast: Paleo Shake

Lunch: Turkey and ham slices with a hard boiled egg and steamed green beans

Dinner: Crockpot spaghetti squash with lamb meatballs


Workout: Does the ER or learning crutches count?

Breakfast: Protein Shake

Lunch: Protein shake

Dinner: Barbecue turkey and ribs with steamed brussels sprouts


Workout: I took a shower-which was equal to 1,000 one-legged squats, I’m pretty sure.

Breakfast: Protein shake

Lunch: Protein shake

Dinner: Salad with ham, olives, and fresh mixed greens and some olive oil & vinegar dressing

How did you move last week?

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  1. Lindsay on October 19, 2015 at 8:37 pm

    Oh snap!!! 🙁 that sucks girl!

    • Brea on October 19, 2015 at 9:52 pm


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