Weekly Workouts: Weeks 8 & 9 {It’s DISNEY Week!}

Did y’all miss me? I sure missed you!

Disney was a blast, but I have to admit that I honestly didn’t eat as well as I could have. I am guilty of using vacation as an excuse to eat whatever…which wouldn’t have been an issue with the amount the boys walked.

But since I’m on crutches and we made the choice to rent an ACV to help me get around, the extent of my workouts was “walking” (hobbling if you want to be accurate) to and from 2-4 rides each day. Y’all. Crutches are hard work, and when you are dealing with uneven surfaces, they’re murder.

And don’t worry-the rest of this week will be dedicated to my thoughts about our trip!

Time to share my weekly workouts!


Workout: Making it to the bathroom at our rest stops along the way on crutches.

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and bacon

Lunch: Texas fajitas with guacamole

Dinner: Shake & Krave jerky

Tuesday-Give Kids The World

Workout: I took a “walk” around Give Kids The World

Breakfast: Shake

Lunch: Gluten free, dairy free pizza

Dinner: More pizza!

Wednesday-Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Workout: Getting on and off rides in the Magic Kingdom

Breakfast: Shake

Lunch: Slow Roasted Pork Tenderloin (& raspberry sorbet) at Cinderella’s Palace

Dinner: Gluten free, diary free pizza

Thursday-Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Workout: Hopping to get my crutches after going on the Jurassic Park water ride (MAJOR customer service fail!)

Breakfast: Shake

Lunch: Grilled chicken salad12184272_10203568290127497_5938783547432247255_o

Dinner: Cheeseburger in Paradise with gluten free bun (Margaritaville)

Friday-Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Workout: Getting on and off rides in the Magic KingdomBreakfast: Shake

Lunch: Shake

Dinner: Gluten free rolls with dairy free butter, potato leek soup, roasted pork loin with sautéed vegetables and roasted potatoes (& a gluten free lemon raspberry cream puff!) at Be Our Guest

Saturday-Universal Studios

Workout: Hobbling around The Wizarding World of Harry Potter using my wand!

Breakfast: Shake11249771_10203570753509080_2640093404651318603_o

Lunch: Frozen BUTTERBEER (not gluten free) with a roast turkey leg and potato-leek soup at The Three Broomsticks

Dinner: Mediterranean Chicken

Sunday-Disney’s Animal Kingdom & Hollywood Studios

Breakfast: Protein shake

Lunch: Gluten free shrimp plate at Rainforest Cafe

Dinner: Gluten free, dairy free pizza


Workout: Dancing in the disco elevator (yes it’s a real thing!), and going back and forth between the hotel and the park

Breakfast: Shake

Lunch: Shake

Dinner: Gluten free cheeseburger and garden salad at The Skyline Lounge


Workout: Getting out of the car and to the bathroom at the rest stop

Breakfast: Shake

Lunch: Shake

Dinner: Pulled pork with gluten free BBQ sauce, coleslaw, and potato salad at The Shack


Workout: Unpacking

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs and sausage links (hubby let me share his Veteran’s Day meal at Denny’s!)

Lunch: Shake

Dinner: Grilled chicken tenderloins with BBQ sauce


Workout: More unpacking (UGH!)

Breakfast: Shake

Lunch: Shake

Dinner: Jambalaya


Breakfast: Shake

Lunch: Shake

Dinner: Gluten free apple spice protein waffles with pumpkin butter and sliced bananas


Workout: Hobbling around

Breakfast: Shake

Lunch: Shake11057375_10203599439546213_5394116553540666763_o

Dinner: Shrimp fried riceSunday


Breakfast: Shake

Lunch: Shake

Dinner: Creamy pesto shrimp with gluten free noodles

How did you move last week?

Want to hang out? ME TOO! Come hang out with me while I prep 10 dinners! Sign up for the hang out HERE! “See” you soon!

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