Well this is embarrassing…

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Before we dive in, how many of you have kind of, sort of known that your period was going to start soon…but you didn’t think it would be today?

This happened to me a few weeks ago. I was traveling for work, and on my way home, everything that could go wrong did.

My flight was delayed by hours, my back hurt, I was tired and bloated…and my period decided to show up a whole two days early. Well this is embarrassing for sure, but I should have guessed from my symptoms it was on the horizon.

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Well This Is Embarrassing … But I am Sure You Have Been Here Too

Now, I track my periods, so I thought I would be home when I started. Apparently, my body had different ideas.

It was super late, the stores in the airport were closed, the tampon vending machine didn’t work…and I had to get “creative.”

If you’ve never made a pad out of towels or toilet paper, then you won’t’ understand. But if you have, y’all. It is uncomfortable.

1 In 4 Women Struggle To Purchase Supplies

And while this was a temporary situation for me (as soon as I landed, I put Walmart into my GPS and grabbed some supplies), it’s not for so many women.

1 in 4 women has struggled to purchase period supplies products in the past year due to lack of income.

Y’all that is one too many. I was so excited to hear about The Alliance for Period Supplies, which was founded by U by Kotex®.

This new national organization (it was founded in May 2018) helps ensure that individuals in need have access to essential period products required to participate fully in daily life.

And, during the entire month of October, for every one U by Kotex® product –U by Kotex® will donate 2 products.

PLUS, Walmart will be donating $25,000 to the Alliance for Period Supplies.

well this is embarrassingThis is amazing. That means that when I wandered into Walmart (thankfully they’re open 24-hours around here). The tampons and pads that I purchased also helped a woman in need.

That freaking rocks!

Have you ever been stuck with a period and no supplies? It’s not something that I’d wish on anyone. Which is why I will be purchasing my period supplies at Walmart this month.

I love that I can help those who can’t afford tampons or pads (don’t get me started on period tax, Y’all) just by buying things I usually would be.

And, U by Kotex® pads and tampons are unscented, so they’re not going to irritate those of us who are sensitive to fragrance.

When did you find yourself without period supplies?

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