What It’s Really Like To Be a Fit Mom

I am so excited to welcome Ana Navarro of Our AN Family!

Ana For the longest time I thought I was living a healthy lifestyle. I mean I didn’t drink soda and I ate my veggies. I was so busy with life that exercise wasn’t part of it.

However, I always knew that after having my kids I wanted to get in the best shape of my life. I wanted to prove to myself that my kids would not be my excuse but rather my motivation. In that way, I was going to motivate them and others to live a healthier life.

A couple of years later, when I got pregnant, I was at my heaviest weight but I didn’t obsesses over it… how could I? my body was doing something amazing: it was growing a baby…GROWING.A.BABY! I’m not going to lie, I sat back and enjoyed the ride, and more than one time I used the I’m eating for two excuse.

Are you a new mom who wishes she was a fit mom? Find out how one mom made a huge change and got the body she always wanted!

This New Fit Mom:


Doesn’t go to the gym.

I do all my workouts at home…nothing against the gym, but it was a little intimidating since I’m new to this fitness world. Working at home also gives me the flexibility to do it at any time during the day, when baby is napping, and night or during play time. My equipment may be limited but at least it’s always available.

Doesn’t starve herself.

If anything, I eat more than I ever did before.

Doesn’t spend hours exercising.

I work out anything from 30min to an hour. I do it five days a week.

Takes rest days.

Your body/muscles need some time to rebuild!

Doesn’t beat herself up.

If I missed a workout, it’s okay. Being a mom and dedicating your life to someone else is not easy and sometimes things will happen and you won’t be able to get your workout in, and thats ok!

Just try again the next day!

Fit Mom


I Wasn’t Always A Fit Mom


A couple of months later after having my baby, I wanted to start working out. But as many others out there, I had no idea what I was doing nor what was going to work for me. I still decided to give it a try and to look around for a good at home workout.

I knew I was going to be more motivated to do it at home rather than a gym. That’s when I came across The 12-week program: Bikini Body Guide.

I had done some similar workouts at home…

…but I never stuck with them long enough to see results.

It took me a couple of weeks before I decided I wanted to try it. I started the 12 week program and five weeks went by without  noticeable changes. I got a little bit frustrated but I knew what the problem was and how to fix it.

Fit Mom



Nutrition is such a HUGE part when someone is trying to change the way they look. That same night I spent hours searching for ideas of how/what/when/why to eat healthy food. I wasn’t looking for a diet or shortcuts to lose weight, I didn’t want to starve myself to see results that weren’t probably going to stay for long.

Then I discovered IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros), which is a flexible “diet” where about 80% of your food are healthy choices and 20% of them can be that donut or cheesecake as long it fits your macros.

This new way of eating taught me that I wasn’t eating enough for the work that I was putting my body through, that everything can be eaten if you do it with moderation and it has help me so much to feed my body with right portions and to feed those muscles.

I continued doing the program and having a balance diet, then something incredible happened… my body started transforming little by little into what I always wanted.

I finished the program and was feeling powerful, strong, with TONS of energy. The mental change was bigger than my physical change for me.

Thank goodness for the “runner’s high,” which helps me until this day to keep going. After I finish the program, I decided to continued this new life style, it was not just about finishing the program anymore it was about living a new healthy life.

Don’t Be Scared Of Weights


fit momI started the Bikini Body Program again and added with weight lifting. I used to be that girl that thought lifting would make me look huge… little did I know that to get some baby muscles I have to work my butt off. Weight lifting its such a satisfying feeling, I can feel my muscles getting stronger and that keeps pushing me to keep going.

I’m currently lifting 4-5 times a week and still do the bikini guide 3 times a week. Eventually I would love to do a bikini competition, and I know I still have a long way to go.

This is only the beginning of a new life and I’m ready to take on these challenges!


Tips From A Fit Mom


Change is hard

It takes a lot for you to decide that you want to change the way you have been living… It’s never too late to start!
Progress is slow but steady!

Take photos to compare your before and afters. There is no better motivation than seeing the changes in pictures.

Remember, it takes about four weeks for you to notice changes, eight weeks for your family and friends to notice them and twelve weeks for the whole worlds to notice the new you.
NEVER compare your progress with someone else’s, every body is different!


I’m  a mom of a sweet little girl married to the man of my dreams. Discovering my way into the fitness world through out weight lifting and flexible dieting. Blogging about our adventures as a family. Be sure to follow me on Instagram!


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