What’s Really in Your Air Freshener?

Mind you, I had just bought a ton of new bulbs from a certain Body Shop that I had been buying for years. I had no idea that air fresheners simply cover up odors and are full of toxic substances that aren’t good for our bodies OR our homes.

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Apparently, many air fresheners contain phthalates- hazardous chemicals known to cause hormonal abnormalities, birth defects, and reproductive problems. Now that I have a little one at home and another one on the way, these are not things I want in my living environment. She was so proud of me when I took them all out of the plugs and threw them all in the trash. This was my first step at the little changes I started making around the house.

Some things you can do as alternatives to keeping the air clean in your car or home:

Open the windows to let out stale air and smells and circulate in fresh air or make your own air fresheners! I use Essential Oils regularly in my house. They are organic, all natural, and have wonderful fragrances that are chemical free! I know that my homemade air fresheners will be chemical free and safer for my family to use.

DIY Air Freshener

(You may need to adjust the ratios according to the size of your bottle.)

  • 4 oz. spray bottle (I bought mine at the supermarket)
  • Water (distilled, preferably)
  • Pinch of salt
  • 15-20 drops of your favorite Essential Oil(s)

First, add the salt to your spray bottle (this will help take up the oil), then add the essential oils, and top it off with distilled water.

Shake the bottle and spray!

This is a great way to add safe “fragrance” to your home or car without with the negative impact of all those chemicals that commercial items contain. Try this, or opt for “fragrance-free” products. ( I know it’s hard to get rid of things with yummy smells, like lotions, detergents, or fabric softeners…but once you do, you will be helping the environment and yourself!)

We need more research done on the effects of all of these chemicals in our products. So, let’s start now, by eliminating all that we can!

Having essential oils ready and available for your family is a great way to start avoiding chemicals. it’s a simple change that many families can make to help cut back on a number of chemicals in the home. If you’d like to get started, the Premium Starter Kit is a great way to dip your toes into the pool, so to speak. You get a ton in your kit, and you can use your new oils to make this air freshener!

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What are some products that you can start avoiding with “fragrances” or “perfumes” in them?

KimKim and Jamie are sisters who are from California that now live in Illinois. We love sharing our love of non-toxic household and personal care items by personally reviewing them for you! You can catch up with them at The Lavender Ladies and on Instagram.


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