Why I Won’t Buy Essential Oils At The Grocery Store

 Lately, I’ve noticed a lot of people who are posting about “awesome” deals on essential oils that I personally know to be incredibly expensive (like Rose) So where do you buy essential oils if not from the grocery store?

Why I Won’t Buy Essential Oils At The Grocery Store

This got me thinking…and I realized that there are a LOT of new “brands” jumping into the oily world. Now I’m not going to name names, but y’all know who you are. I’m not here to create fear or tell you what to do, but I am going to share a few things with you that you may not have thought about.


What I Know About Grocery Store Essential Oils

  • These oils will smell good. Especially if you have never experienced 100% essential oils.
  • These oils will enter your nose and go to your limbic system (which is part of your brain)
  • These oils might help with occasional head tension, ease breathing or lift your mood
  • These oils will have additives and synthetics in them, and you already know what synthetics and additives do to your health

Now, you’re smart. You already know this. I get that they’re cheap (but remember the cost of 100% Rose Essential Oil?)…. But y’all. Common sense should kick in here.

Just because you can buy essential oils doesn’t mean you should.

You are not always going to find quality, therapeutic, ingestible, safe essential oils at the grocery store (or Trader Joe’s, Home Goods, Marshall’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc.).

I get it, I do. Oils can be expensive.

But consider this: it takes more than 200 pounds of peppermint leaf to make 1 pound of pure essential oil. That’s a LOT of peppermint leaves! Think about how many rose petals it takes…no, on second thought, don’t. It makes my head hurt. 

Be Smart When You Buy Essential Oils

Now, if you buy essential oils from the natural section of your local grocery, that’s okay. Really it is. But please don’t leave a comment telling me that synthetic oils will do what actual, 100% pure essential oils can.

Do me a favor, and DO NOT apply these oils topically. It’s not safe. If you have and have not gotten a headache, allergic reaction, rash, or burns, then you’re very, very lucky. These reactions are due to the fact that these oils are not actual essential oils-many of them contain less than 5% actual essential oil. Really.

Not All Essential Oils Are Created Equal

Please, remember that there’s a reason these oils are so cheap. 

I understand you’re trying to save money-but what happens when you have a reaction to those cheap oils? At the least, you’ve wasted $10. No one wants to waste money. If you want to get started with essential oils, do your own research. Look for brands that specifically label their oils with dilution ratios and application instructions. Some oils are ingestible

Now, I’m not trying to fear monger. I just want to tell you the truth on how to buy essential oils.



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