Why I Won’t Use Coconut Oil on My Face

Let me start by saying that I love coconut oil. I love to cook with it, and I even use it to shave with. But I won’t use coconut oil on my face. At least, not since the massive breakout of 2012.Those were NOT fun times

Why I Won’t Use Coconut Oil on My Face

I had read that coconut oil was great for your skin. Everyone was posting about using it as a moisturizer, shaving cream, even deodorant. I did some reading (a LOT of reading) and couldn’t find anyone that had experienced anything other than beautiful, clear skin.

Why I Won't Use Coconut Oil on My Face

Until me. I made my coconut oil moisturizer and began to apply. The next morning, I had a HORRENDOUS breakout. I looked like I was 13 and had the worst case of acne you’ve ever seen.

Was it Detox?

I wrote this off as detox and thanked my lucky stars that I work from home. I figured that after 5 or 10 days my face would clear up and I’d be radiant. Like pregnancy radiance, but without the weight gain and the swollen ankles. No such luck. 10 days later and my face was the worst I’ve ever seen it.

So I stopped my coconut oil regimen.

I switched to Rosehip Oil and saw an overnight difference. Seriously, y’all. My face started clearing up almost immediately.

This experience made me wonder what was wrong with my skin that it couldn’t handle coconut oil. If it was working for (seemingly) everyone else, why not me? So I started looking for answers, and I didn’t find much. So, a year ago, I wrote off my experience as the unlucky one out of thousands of happy coconut oil moisturizer users. Turns out, I’m not alone.

Coconut Oil Can be Comedogenic

That means that it can clog your pores. Not everyone will experience trouble when using coconut oil, but many will, especially if you have small pores.

Coconut oil has a larger molecular structure than other oils, which means that after time, it can get caught in your pores (if you have small pores) and can cause breakouts, blackheads, and general nastiness right where you don’t want it.

Does this mean that I don’t use coconut oil at all? Not at all! I use it as a shaving “cream”, and I’ve made some really awesome lotion bars using coconut oil. But I do not use it on my face. Ever. It just causes too many problems for me.

Instead, I cleanse with castor oil, moisturize with rosehip seed oil, and use sweet almond oil on my body. I even add in some frankincense and lavender essential oils for good measure.

Quality Counts

It’s so important that if you’re using oils on your body and face that you get the best possible quality. Look for certified organic, and make sure that you SMELL the oils, even essential oils, if at all possible.

There are awesome sources of 100% organic oils, you just have to make sure that you read labels and are prepared to pay a little more for a higher quality product.

I was shocked to smell high-quality oils versus their cheaper (and unpure) counterparts. So when you try oils, make sure that you have a good source. I love my local health food store for my sweet almond and rosehip seed, but I’m sure you can find some great options online, too.

Truly pure essential oils will smell earthy and not at all like chemicals, which is why I use these. If you choose something else just make sure it’s 100% pure and therapeutic grade.

If you’d like to start getting rid of the yuck, I would love to help you. Just go here to get started.

What oils do YOU use on your face?



  1. Robin on April 18, 2016 at 6:23 pm

    Is it possible you have a sensetivity to the Frankinsense and not so much the coconut oil? Just wondering.

    • Brea on April 19, 2016 at 9:22 am

      Nope! I tried CO without EOs and had the same thing happen.

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