Why You Should Try Oil Pulling

Oil pulling may sound a bit foreign to you. It certainly did to me when I started researching how to heal my gums and improve my overall health. When I first heard about Oil Pulling, I wasn’t really sure what to think.

Why You Should Try Oil Pulling

Pushing oil around your mouth for close to half an hour (20 minutes is the recommendation)? That just sounded gross to me. In fact, many people that do oil pulling don’t seem to brush their teeth…just another reason to be grossed out, right?

Why You Should Try Oil Pulling

It’s Been Around FOR.EV.ER.

According to my research, the ancient art of oil pulling originated in India thousands of years ago. It wasn’t until the early 1990s that oil pulling was introduced to the US by Dr. Karach, who used it successfully as a therapy in his medical practice.

And it seems to be a natural fit for those of us who really, truly want to get healthy in a more natural and holistic way.

Not surprisingly, the benefits seem to far outweigh the ‘gross’ factor. Basically, it’s the idea of “like attracts like”, in that the oil will pull the plaque, toxins and other nasties out from their hiding places and latch on to them, eventually carrying them all the way to your trash can. YUCK.

No More Migraines?

According to those who practice oil pulling on a regular basis, doing so helps them push through those long days with a stubborn migraine. Been there. Done that.

In addition, oil pulling has been said to whiten teeth and can improve gum health. Two reasons that are enough for me to give it a try!

You may be intrigued like I was. I hope you are!

And the best part? You can either DIY your oil pulling mix or you can buy them pre-mixed.

DIY Oil Pulling is Incredibly Simple!

  1. Drink 1-2 8 oz glasses of water after you wake up to get your saliva flowing.
  2. Measure out a teaspoon (you’ll eventually work up to a Tablespoon, but best to start small to trick your gag reflex) of unrefined, organic coconut oil.
  3. Add in 2-3 drops of essential oils to help with your gag reflex (trust me on this).
  4. Put your mix either under your tongue or between your teeth (clenched) and your cheek.
  5. Let the oil melt. This should take anywhere from 1-2 minutes, as you feel it melting, begin to swish it back and forth.
  6. Pull the oil between your teeth for 20 minutes. Set the timer, make breakfast, take a shower, keep yourself busy while you move that oil.
  8. Spit your (now white and full of toxins) oil into the TRASH CAN. Don’t spit it down the drain, or you’ll end up having to hire a plumber. Not good.
  9. Rinse your mouth with warm water, and SPIT it into the sink. If you feel the need, brush your teeth using baking soda or another natural toothpaste.
  10. Enjoy your sparkly just-from-the-dentist clean mouth!

I will say that after a few weeks, I was able to build up to the recommended Tablespoon of oil. And I really like the way that my mouth (and self) are feeling!

I can’t remember the last time I had a headache, and while Smalls and Ish are both sick, I feel fine! Take that super bug!

Have you tried oil pulling? What health benefits did you see? Leave a comment below and let me know!

The goal of oil pulling is to improve health, as it is a form of oral detox. Gentle, yes, but detox nonetheless. Please be careful when detoxing, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Some have voiced concerns that oil pulling may be damaging to fillings, and while I haven’t experienced a problem, please use caution. If you have metal fillings, I would use extreme caution. 

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