Winter Tools You Need Right Now

This post brought to you by SnowCast. The content and opinions expressed below are that of BreaGettingFit. Winter is not my favorite. Let’s just get that out of the way, okay? In fact, my first winter in Detroit was horrific. It snowed nearly every single day, and it was so, so cold. You never really know cold until you literally can’t breathe. I knew then I’d need to get some winter tools to make thing better.

Winter Tools You Need Right Now

Having a 6 month long winter can be frustrating, especially if you’re not prepared. I’m a big fan of being prepared, you know. So let’s talk about that for a bit, shall we?

Winter Tools You Need Right Now

In order to know what’s coming, you need to have certain items in place, this not only keeps you safe (really important), but it will also keep you sane (and this means more than just a heated windshield scraper!).


Make sure that you keep extra blankets around the house, in the car, and anywhere else you may be staying for a bit. You never know when the snowfall will get too heavy or too much for power lines or transformers. Trust me when I say being stuck without heat when it’s -14 degrees is not fun. So. Blankets.

The Right Kind Of Layers

It’s important to layer during the winter-you could be outside freezing and then suddenly, you’re inside baking. The right layers are key here-for both you and your kids. Make sure that you have leggings, a warm undershirt or base layer, a sweater, and then an appropriate winter tools like a coat, hat, gloves, mittens, etc.


If you know that there is going to be snow, you’re more likely to not get trapped in a blizzard. But, if you’re like me, you need to know BEFORE. Waking up to piles of snow is picturesque, but not if you’d planned to make a Costco run before the snow hit.

Winter Tools You Need Right Now

I’m currently loving the SnowCast app-it’s super easy to use, and will tell you the snow predictions up to 48 hours out. This makes it so much easier to plan your days. Can you imagine? Just download the app to your iPhone. Then you get to look ahead 6 hours or 48, depending upon how you plan. You’ll also have access to NOAA severe weather advisories, which is incredibly helpful, especially if you live on the Great Lakes and deal with Lake Effect snow-it even includes radar! 

Winter Tools You Need Right Now


You’ll also want to make sure that you have traction-not only for your tires, but also yourself. This is an instance where you most definitely should not be like me. Get yourself a pair of quality snow boots or shoes, and make the investment in either chains or studded tires during the winter. You’ll keep yourself safe when you do have to go out-remember, even if it isn’t snowing it can still be slick.

If you make sure that you’re prepared with winter tools you’ll never be blindsided by the weather again.

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