Working Out {or not…}: Week 37

Happy Memorial Day!

While I had a wonderful week last week…I kind of sucked in the working out department. I mean, I was in St. Petersburg, and it was gorgeous, but I sat on my behind (technical term) in class all day learning stuff.

And while I could have set my alarm for 5:00 and walked down the the gym…I didn’t want to, not to mention I had some sort of weird stomach bug going on, and you’ll notice that I lived off protein shakes for a few days because that was about all I could stomach. I’m okay with that. And thankfully, I’m feeling so much better.

So we did walk, and I ended up walking a LOT more than I had anticipated, in fact, according to my Polar HRM, I made my 10,000 per day step goal…and then some.

And today I have the MURPH…so wish me luck, y’all.

Time to share my weekly workouts!

For those of you who are new to my working out updates, I am following The Trim Healthy Mama Plan in addition to using select supplements, which is why you’ll see letters in parenthesis behind my meals.


Workout: 10,000 steps

Breakfast: Protein shake (E)

Lunch: Spinach wrap with feta cheese + chicken (S)

Dinner: Dinner buffet (not on plan…not even close)


Breakfast: Protein shake (E)

Lunch: Angus burger on gluten free bun + potato salad (crossover)

Dinner: Pecan-crusted grouper + artichoke hearts (S)


Breakfast: Egg + bacon (S)

Lunch: Chicken salad + green salad (S)

Dinner: …funny story for y’all. So I did eat dinner at the airport (smoothie), but we had a really rough flight on top of my weird tummy thing…and I puked everything back up when we landed in Houston. Not my proudest moment. And really, really gross.


Breakfast: Protein shake (E)

Lunch: Protein shake (E)

Dinner: Protein shake (E)


Breakfast: Protein shake (E)

Lunch: Protein shake (E)

Dinner: Protein shake (E)


Breakfast: Protein shake (E)

Lunch: Protein shake (S)

Dinner: Ranch burger on a gluten free bun + fiesta slaw (crossover)


Breakfast: Protein shake (S)

Lunch: Protein Shake (S)

Dinner: Italian marinated flank steak + fiesta slaw (S)

How do you fit in working out?

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