Working Out: Week 30 {I’m cleansing, y’all!}

Happy Monday! Last week was a bit nuts. I started reading Root Cause (if you have thyroid or adrenal issues, you need to read it!), and it has been both validating and eye opening.

It also made me realize that I probably have parasites. YIKES! So I did some research on cleansing, and landed on this cleanse, which is only 7 days. I still get to eat the foods I enjoy, but I get the benefits of cleaning my body out well over the course of a week.

I think that this has been a long time coming, because I’m already feeling better. I also added Betaine HCL with Pepsin to my supplement regimen (as suggested by Root Cause), and I’m not fading after meals! Crazy!

weekly workouts week 30

For those of you who are new to my working out updates, I am following The Trim Healthy Mama Plan in addition to using select supplements, which is why you’ll see letters in parenthesis behind my meals.


Workout: Intermediate + Beginner Roller Derby Class

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs + bacon (S)

Lunch: Club sandwich on gluten free bread (Off-plan)

12670830_10204313742843349_1484294075362205291_nDinner: Fusion tacos with cabbage + sour cream sauce on coconut wraps (S)



  • 45 minutes on the recumbent bike
  • Biceps 3 x 15 pounds
  • Triceps 3 x 10 pounds
  • Shoulder press 3 x 15 pounds
  • Bent over rows 3 x 20 pounds
  • Chest press 3 x 20 pounds
  • Wobble board for 5 minutes
  • Abs

Breakfast: Salsa eggs + ham (S)

Lunch: Leftover tacos (YUM!) (S)

Dinner: Swedish meatballs made with bison and almond meal in pan gravy + Banza noodles (Crossover)


Workout: Namaste Yoga: Class 3

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs + bacon (S)

Lunch: Leftover swedish meatballs over sautéed cabbage

Dinner: Pulled pork + guacamole & pico (S)


Cleanse Day 1


  • 30 minutes on the treadmill at 3.0
  • 30 minutes on the recumbent bike
  • 5 minutes on the wobble board

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs + bacon (S)

Lunch: Pulled pork + guacamole & pico (S)

Dinner: Leftovers-I had Swedish meatballs again. They were really, really good!


Cleanse Day 2

Workout: 12961719_10204333798024716_790502489935729114_n

  • Body Pump
  • 20 minutes on the treadmill at 3.0
  • 5 minutes on the wobble board

Breakfast: Small Smoothie King Pineapple Surf (no turbinado) smoothie (E)

Lunch: Pulled pork + guacamole & pico (S)

Dinner: Salsa chicken bowls (S)


Cleanse Day 3

Workout: Adult skate night with my girls (2 hours on skates!)

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs + chicken apple sausage (S)

Lunch: Salsa chicken bowls (S)

Dinner: Smoked brisket and fiesta slaw (S)


Cleanse day 4

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs + ham (S)

Lunch: Blackberry cheesecake shake (S)

Dinner: Chicken fried rice (S)

How do you fit in working out?

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