Working Out: Week 32 {Crossfit, Roller Derby, & Hobo Packs}

Happy Monday! As you’re reading this, I’m sweating my butt off at my very first Crossfit workout. I have wanted to join a box for so, so long, but it never seemed like a good time, and then there was this 6-week challenge.

So. For the next 6 weeks, I’ll be working out at U Can Crossfit Too (if you’re local, come join me!!) 3 days a week, keeping my cardio at the YMCA (because my body needs to burn lots of fat), and upping my roller derby game.

This should be interesting. Or a train wreck…but not like the movie. I’ll be updating my workouts and food to reflect the move back to strict paleo (HELLO Whole30!). And we’ll see how my body changes. It should. I hope.

Time to share my weekly workouts!

For those of you who are new to my working out updates, I am following The Trim Healthy Mama Plan in addition to using select supplements, which is why you’ll see letters in parenthesis behind my meals.


Workout: 2 hours on skates. I lost my toe stop during turns (I think I got it in tight enough now!), and worked on my turn around toe stops. I still need to work on getting up from falling, but taking it week by week seems to be working out well for me.

Breakfast: Protein shake (E)

Lunch: Eggroll in a bowl (S)

Dinner: Protein shake (E)



  • 45 minutes on the recumbent bike
  • Biceps 3 x 15 pounds
  • Triceps 3 x 10 pounds
  • Shoulder press 3 x 15 pounds
  • Bent over rows 3 x 20 pounds
  • Chest press 3 x 20 pounds
  • Wobble board for 5 minutes
  • Abs

Breakfast: Protein shake (E)

Lunch: Protein shake (E)

Dinner: Eggroll in a bowl (S)13001294_10204385183589323_8286779115160259594_n



  • 30 minutes on the treadmill at 3.0
  • Weights
    • Quads 3×50
    • Hamstrings 3×60
    • Donkey kicks 2×25
    • Inner thighs 3×40
    • Outer thighs 3×30
  • 5 minutes on the wobble board

Breakfast: Protein shake (E)

Lunch: Protein shake (E)

Dinner: Steak fajitas + 2 well-earned margaritas (off plan)


Breakfast: Protein shake (E)

Lunch: Protein shake (E)

Dinner: Cowboy Grub (E)


I got a bug in my ear and decided to trek to a local crossfit box…so that I could sign up for their 6 week challenge. Which starts Monday (today). EEK!

Breakfast: Protein shake (E)

Lunch: Protein shake (E)

Dinner: Hamburger hobo pack (S)


Workout: Adult skate (3 hours)

Breakfast: Protein shake (E)

Lunch: Protein shake (E)

Dinner: Tuscan hobo pack (S)

Dessert: Cheesecake Smoothie (S)


Workout: Derby drills with 2 of my favorite gals. We worked on stops: plow stop, t-stop (I HATE IT!), and turn around toe stops.

Breakfast: Protein shake (E)

Lunch: Protein shake (E)

Dinner: Cowboy grub + guacamole (crossover)

How do you fit in working out?

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  1. Amanda B on May 11, 2016 at 8:57 pm

    Hey Brea,

    I’m a fellow THMer and I saw in previous post that you supplement with LeVel. I am curious about your experience and do you still use LeVel Thrive?

  2. Amanda B on May 11, 2016 at 9:41 pm

    Yes, I read that blog post. I was just hoping for long term feedback of using Thrive and THM together. I’ve been eating THM style for a long time and love it, but am starting feel like I need to add some supplements and LeVel Thrive sparks my interest. Any advice? Thoughts?

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