Working Out: Week 34 {Farm To Table}

Happy Monday! I am so excited to be home this week! Traveling throws me off…big time. Even if it does mean that I get to eat amazing farm to table food.

I just like being home. A lot. Last week I had the pleasure of eating some amazing farm to table meals, which included Texas gulf shrimp, and a delicious breakfast that made me fall in love with beets. Which, if you know me, is a pretty huge deal…considering that I hate beets.

In other news, my knee is still killing me, so I’ve been icing this weekend and applying some of my favorite soothing oils in hopes that I would be able to manage crossfit and derby today. Wish me luck!

Time to share my weekly workouts!

For those of you who are new to my working out updates, I am following The Trim Healthy Mama Plan in addition to using select supplements, which is why you’ll see letters in parenthesis behind my meals.



  • Crossfit WOD:
    • 1 minute each x 3 rounds:
      • rowing for calories
      • Push press
      • Sit ups
      • Squats

Breakfast: Protein shake (E)

Lunch: Protein shake (S)

Dinner: 2 eggs scrambled with chicken apple sausage


Breakfast: Protein shake (E)

Lunch: Protein shake (E)

Dinner: Steak fajitas with guacamole + sour cream (S)


Breakfast: Sweet potato hash with fresh chorizo and beet ketchup (S)

Lunch: Protein shake (E)

Dinner: Sautéed shrimp in sauce (S)


Breakfast: Protein shake (E)

Lunch: Protein shake (E)

Dinner: Chicken enchiladas adobo (crossover)


Breakfast: Protein shake (E)

Lunch: Protein shake (E)

Dinner: Fried egg sandwiches + bacon on gluten free toast (crossover)


Breakfast: Protein shake (E)

Lunch: Protein shake (E)

Dinner: Onion burgers with paleo mayo + tomato on romaine


Rest Day

Breakfast: Protein shake (E)

Lunch: Protein shake (E)

Dinner: Italian marinated flank steak + fiesta slaw (S)

How do you fit in working out?

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