Easy Summer Snack Ideas

Summer has kind of thrown me for a loop. Take yesterday, for example, we got up, Ish got the boys breakfast (kolaches because they’re easy and a favorite), I did a quick yoga flow, showered, and got dressed. Then I went into my office, and I didn’t come out until around 3:00 in the afternoon…which was awesome because the boys were playing nicely together, but not so awesome because when I got up and came out to the playroom (which is right outside my office people), I realized that no one had eaten since approximately 7:00 a.m.

Not okay. I forgot to eat. My kids didn’t get fed, and I felt like a total mom failure. Do you ever feel like that? It doesn’t happen often, and the kids can get a snack from their snack bin or the refrigerator anytime they like, but I still feel terrible.

easy summer snack ideas

So. Because we all have to eat, I’m working hard to make sure that we have healthy snack options on hand for everyone (even me).

Fresh Fruit & Veggies

Summer is the perfect time for snacking. There are so many different types of fruits and veggies that come into season, including berries, stone fruits, avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers, and more.

I keep sliced veggies, stone fruits, berries, and bananas on hand so that we can just grab and munch as the day goes along. On the weekends, I’ll buy a watermelon, cantaloupe or honeydew and ball it. Then I put it into individual Tupperware for a grab and go treat.

The kids think it’s “so cool” that they can just help themselves to food whenever the mood strikes them.

Nuts & Seeds

We keep cashews, almonds, and roasted salted pumpkin seeds in pre-portioned baggies in the pantry. Having smaller portions helps me when I’m hangry and keeps the kids from dumping a larger container and making a mess.

I also pick up nut butter packets when they go on sale because they’re easy to store and easy to eat.

Protein Bars

This one is a no-brainer. Protein stays with you longer and if you can find a protein bar that you love, stock up and keep them where you tend to hang out. For my family, that means the pantry, my purse (for when we’re out and about), and my desk.

I’m currently obsessed with the Quest Hero Protein Bars. They taste just like a candy bar, but with zero guilt. Each bar has a sweet coating and is gooey and delicious on the inside with 15-17 grams of protein per bar (and just 4 net carbs!).

easy summer snack ideas

Quest Hero bars use allulose, which is a rare sugar that’s found in nature in things like figs and raisins. And it’s very different that regular sugar…It tastes like regular sugar, but it is virtually calorie-free!

I pick up a handful every time I stop at The Vitamin Shoppe.

Meat Sticks & Jerky

Remember, protein is important. It helps satiate hunger and keep you full. When I see quality meat sticks (think beef, pork, turkey) on sale that have at least 30 days until expiration I pick them up. The boys all love them, and they’re a favorite snack around here.

I’ve also been known to stock jerky when I can find quality Paleo meat. These snacks are ones that I don’t just leave out since they are a higher price point, but they are easily transportable.

As you can see, I tend to lean toward easily managed snacks. Snacks that are dense in calories and protein but easy to transport. I like that I can grab a few things from the pantry, toss them into my bag and head out. It makes life easier.

Plus, the next time I forget to feed the kids, they have options.

Share your easy summer snack ideas below!

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