How Do You Use An e Cloth?

Who hates cleaning bathrooms? If you are sitting there reading that statement going “she’s nuts! I love cleaning pee off of walls,” then we probably can’t be friends anymore. Sorry. But, if you’re like me, then you need to keep reading.

I feel you. I hate cleaning bathrooms…especially in a house full of boys. Three boys. Four if you count the cat, but he doesn’t use the bathroom and Ish cleans his litter box, so he can probably have a pass on my bathroom-cleaning rant.

What it all boils down to is this: there are a lot of people who stand up to pee in my house.

And a lot of short people who are still learning how to aim. Which means there is a lot of pee to clean up. We’re talking pee around the toilet, on the seat, on the walls, on the floor, on the bathroom mirror (which is behind the toilet, and I am still trying to figure that one out), and on the ceiling. Did I mention that my boys have absolutely horrendous aim?

As if all the pee weren’t enough to make me never want to clean a bathroom again, Smalls loves to use an overabundance of his toothpaste, and don’t get me started on the copious amounts of soap it takes to clean each hand.

What I end up with are large amounts of congealed soap and old toothpaste in and around the sink (heaven forbid my children actually rinse out the sink after they’ve used it!). I’ve been using “natural”-ish cleaning products, and they do an okay job, but I would feel so much better about not needing them.

Now, I’m a huge fan of natural cleaning products (I cannot get enough of my Thieves cleaner and hand sanitizer!), and when I heard about the e Cloth bathroom cleaning system, I had to give it a try.

How Do You Use An E-cloth?

You know I love all things green and crunchy, so it should be no surprise that I have a love affair with E-Cloth products. Now, I’ve used their multipurpose cloths for years, and have always loved how well they pick up dirt, dust, and even help to get crayon off of my walls (really).

I’ve even used the glass e Cloths to clean my mirrors and windows to a sparkling, streak-free shine without water many a time.

But I have never, ever used an e Cloth to clean my bathroom. Until recently when I came across an e Cloth bathroom pack for under $20 on Amazon. Sold.

What’s an e Cloth?

When you clean with an e Cloth, all you need is the cloth and water. Seriously. All of the e Cloths are made from incredibly fine fibers (480,000 per square centimeter). That is a lot of fibers! When you add to that the fact that they’re machine-washable, and are guaranteed to up to 300 machine washes, the impact an e Cloth has on the environment is super low when compared to “traditional” cleaning products.

e Cloth fibers attract moisture and oil lifting and trapping dirt, grease, soap scum, grime. mildew, and bacteria. In fact, E-Cloths are guaranteed to pick up 99% of germs and bacteria (like e-Coli and listeria)…not to mention dirt, grime, soap scum, pee…. Yup, I went there.

Cleaning The Bathroom

Y’all. My bathroom was a hot mess. I am not sure I even want to claim it as my bathroom.

Actually…it was the neighbor’s bathroom. Yeah, let’s go with that. So I was over at my neighbor’s house…. Who am I kidding? My bathroom was absolutely filthy (I even took a picture to prove it).

I got my e Cloth bathroom pack in the mail in two days (YAY Amazon Prime!) and it was time to test. I started with my shower, because, quite frankly, it was horrible. There was so much soap scum on the door that I couldn’t see through it.

I used the sponge e Cloth (the fuzzy one) to start. It honestly took very little elbow grease-I think because the cloth’s fibers acted like little muscles and pull the gross stuff into the cloth. I expected to have to do a few passes, but it only took once to cut through a disgusting layer of soap scum. I finished the door off with the polishing cloth and I could see through the glass again!

I expected to have to do a few passes, but it only took once to cut through a disgusting layer of soap scum. I finished the door off with the polishing cloth and I could see through the glass again!

shower door

I know, I know.

Next up, I tackled the tub where the boys bathe. It was filthy-and I’m pretty sure I’d cleaned it a few days ago, but during the summer the boys get grimy every day because they’re sweaty and they play outside.

That same e Cloth took the scum right off the tub. I didn’t even have to work at it! I then moved to the sinks, which they were caked with toothpaste and soap.

Turns out the same e Cloth can tackle a couple week’s worth of caked on grime without a problem. I actually did very little scrubbing, and everything was shiny and new again.

I did the mirror last because I didn’t want to end up splashes of water on the glass. I like to use the polishing cloth for that so that it doesn’t streak. Cleaning my mirror took all of a minute and it looked perfect.

I was finally ready to tackle the toilet (and the walls if I’m being honest). I rinsed and wrung my scrubby e Cloth out and got to work. The cloth cut right through layers of grossness and I could just fold it in on itself to get a clean surface. It was seriously the fastest toilet cleaning ever.

I was even able to use the e Cloth to get up the dried grossness that seems to be a permanent fixture around the base of the toilet.

Because I’m weird about it, and even though science says I could have been done, I followed the toilet cleaning up with a swipe of Thieves Cleaner to be extra sure that I killed anything that needed to be killed. B

By the time I was done, I could actually see my white grout! It was amazing!

If you haven’t tried an e Cloth yet, you need to. And while you’re getting the yuck out of your home, why not replace it with an awesome cost-saving natural cleaner that you can use for literally everything from your toilets to your countertops (depending on how you dilute it)?

Thieves Cleaner is amazing, super cost effective (each 16-ounce bottle of cleaning spray that I make costs literal pennies), and it’s a great way to start using more natural products in your home.

thieves starter kit

Ready to get started? You can order your kit here.

Do you use natural cleaners in your home?

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