Easy Aquafaba Recipes

Have you heard of aquafaba? No? It's the liquid that comes with canned chickpeas, and it's amazing! Test it out using these aquafaba recipes. #aquafaba #chickpeas #vegan #breagettingfit

So this morning I wanted to make the kids waffles…but I really, really did not want to waste the yolks of my eggs. Plus, I never really separate eggs the right way (please tell me I’m not the only one), and I always end up breaking at least one yolk, which ruins the experience (and…

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Delicious Flavored Sea Salt Recipes

Flavored Sea Salt Recipes

Have you every avoided trying something new (a recipe, a workout, or even a coffee shop) because you thought it would be too hard, too far, or too much work. Sound familiar? I find that I use these silly excuses to avoid trying new things all the time. It’s so much easier to sit in…

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