You’re Not Lost: When Life Takes A Detour

You're Not Lost! When Life Takes A Detour

I am SO excited to welcome back my dear friend Amy! Sometimes, the best way to find yourself is to just get lost. When you don’t know where you’re going, the world can be a scary place. That’s what drives our to-do lists, our calendars, our goals and our life plans. I know this all…

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6 Essential Steps To Stop The Failure Mindset

6 Essential Steps To Move Past The Failure Mindset

Let’s face it. We ALL fail. We fall off the proverbial horse, bike, cart, wagon…. but it’s not in the falling that we truly fail. It’s in not seeing the upside to failure. The way I see it, you only fail if you don’t learn from your tumble. T failure mindset is a mirage that…

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